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If you’re single, here’s what you could do on Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, here’s what you could do on Valentine’s Day


These days, you see stores selling chocolates in those heart-shaped boxes and bouquet of flowers are arranged on the shelves, waiting for people to buy them. And yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year, it falls on a Tuesday. For those who are single, just like me, don’t fret, here’s what you could do on this day.

Sweat it out

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Go for a run, take a walk, do yoga or even meditate! Get a fresh start before you head to work or even before you start your day. Let yourself feel pumped throughout the rest of the day!

Have a good breakfast

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Our stomach is growling and it needs to be taken care of! Make yourself a good breakfast, you don’t necessarily need to have a fancy breakfast but at least take a sit down, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, relax and eat well!

Do something you like

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Find a hobby or take up a class, it could be anything! Who knows, you might enjoy it and pick up a new hobby! Try new things and be adventurous!

Explore places around you

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Perhaps you have been so busy lately or you haven’t had the chance to explore nearby places around you, now it’s your chance! Bring a camera with you to take some pictures, if you don’t have one, your phone will do too! You could even grab your single friends, go on a mini day trip and have some fun!

Read or just Netflix and chill

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If you don’t feel like going out, here’s what you could do while staying home. Get yourself a book or download an e-book online and start reading! Immerse yourself into the story and you’ll find yourself unplug. If reading isn’t what you have in mind, try Netflix! Watch some comedy movies or shows and laugh it out! Or if Netflix isn’t what you have in mind as well, just chill at home and have your own time!

Pamper yourself

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Treat yourself to go for a spa, go for a body/foot massage or go shopping! You can even call up your single friends and go together. It’s time to relax and show your body that you care about them. For those who end their work in the evening, you’ve been working so hard during the day, now it’s your own sweet time, try rewarding yourself!

Now Valentine’s Day isn’t that scary, after all, it’s just another normal day. Some of us could be waiting for the right guy or some just had a bad relationship recently, it doesn’t matter, let’s make this day YOUR DAY and enjoy. Before we love anyone else, we have to love ourselves.


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