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Your Weekend Guide: 4 – 5 November 2016

Your Weekend Guide: 4 – 5 November 2016


It can be easy to lapse into a predictable routine during the weekend – like staying home and doing nothing (amirite). But we’re here to help you break out of it. Introducing our weekly weekend guide where we recommend go-to events for the weekend.

#1 The Boutiques Fair

The Boutiques Fair returns to the Pit Building next month with an impressive lineup of independent designers showcasing incredibly stylish products. Discover under-the-radar designers and enjoy the highly-curated collection of clothes, accessories and home decor and more.

We will be looking out for the beautiful handcrafted cashmere scarfs of Ayesha, and drooling over the dreamy Aquariva floaty dresses.

We will also be looking out for An Uplifted Day and The Mindful Company, both designed to help you find inspiration and live a better life with their range of artisanal product selection.

For more information, click here.

via Boutique Fairs Singapore Facebook

An Uplifted Day
via Boutique Fairs Singapore Facebook

Where: Boutiques at the F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975
When: 4 – 5 November 2016
Hours: 9am to 8pm on Friday, 10am to 8pm on Saturday
*Free parking available.

#2 Singapore Writers Festival

As one of Asia’s premier multi-lingual literary events, the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), presented by The National Arts Council, is bound to feed your inner culture vulture. Featuring almost 330 Singapore and international literary talents, the festival’s 19th annual edition evaluates the state of the world through its first ever non-English theme, “Sayang”.

The colloquial Malay term, Sayang (which can translate to both “darling” and “a wasted opportunity”), is the focal point of the festival, which hopes to epitomise the paradoxical nature of the human condition, which involves both affection and sacrifices in pursuit of modernity. Want to learn more? Head down to a lecture by Farish Noor – he’ll be examining the etymology of the word “Sayang” and its multi-layered significances in Southeast Asia.

via Singapore Writers Festival

If you’re into the US Elections, you’ll be able to meet Evan Puschak, the brilliant creator of The Nerdwriter – a popular web series of weekly video essays that scrutinise subjects from throughout the art world, film, television, music, paintings and more. At this classroom series talk, this YouTube essayist looks into the intricacies of the highly debatable US Presidential Election, and its repercussions on Singapore and the rest of the world.

Throughout the 10-day festival from 4 to 13 November, you can meet your favourite authors in person, grab tips on writing engaging stories or catch a multi-sensory performance or two. It will be an exciting meeting point for writers, academics, thinkers, as well as festival-goers simply looking for a day out. So its not just for the bookworms.

via Singapore Writers Festival

via Today Online

When: 4 – 13 November 2016
Find out more here.

#3 Makers’ Market

This one’s for all the artisanal fanatics! Support your local designers as they bring to you more artisanal goods this weekend at Makers’ Market!

A curated marketplace featuring locally crafted and design products, Makers’ Market aims to promote and support local start-ups, brands and designers. A curation of labels who make handcrafted goods that range from unique jewellery, fashion statements and accessories, natural beauty products, affordable art and more.

via Makers’ Market

Stalls to look out for!
via Makers’ Market

Where: Capitol Piazza, Level 1 Outdoor Plaza, 13 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178905
When: 5 – 6 November 2016
Hours: 1pm – 9pm

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