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Your Ultimate Guide to #Bookstagram

Your Ultimate Guide to #Bookstagram


To the reader adamant that technology and books should never be fused, don’t write off the medium of social media just yet. With the introduction of “Bookstagram”, the identity of book-lovers the world over has taken a new and exciting turn.

Today kicks off #HarryPotterBookNight! This is a day where Potterheads all over the globe come together to celebrate the Wizarding World and the magic that is Harry Potter. . ⚡️I'm teaming up with @pottermore for this years theme – The Professors of Hogwarts. Using the hashtag #HarryPotterBookNight we can all share our favorite professors – why we love them, their impact in Harry's life, etc. . ⚡️When asked who your favorite Hogwarts professor is you're most likely not going to say Professor Snape. That is unless you're the favored Draco Malfoy or any member of Slytherin (which I am!). As a teacher, while I don't condone his bullying, I do somewhat appreciate his toughness and ability to push his students to their limits. When I was in school these were the types of teachers that I learned the most from. I may not have cared much for them at the time but later in life I was able to appreciate that elbow nudge so that I could arise to my potential. . ⚡️Snape is such a complex character, he will forever live in the gray area, neither good nor bad. My favorite types of characters are ones whose motives are not quite clear, with layers upon layers to peel back. Snape is the perfect onion. He played his part so well that even the Dark Lord was fooled. His love for Lily had no bounds and something to be commended. For her he would do anything – live in the shadows, play the villain, watch over her son who looks like the very man he despises, and eventually pay the ultimate sacrifice for. Snape lived a lonely and tortured life, for that my heart has always gone out to him. My dark prince 💚 . ⚡️"After all this time?" "Always," said Snape. . ⚡️“My word, Severus, that I shall never reveal the best of you?’ Dumbledore sighed, looking down into Snape’s ferocious, anguished face. ‘If you insist …” . ❓Snape, hero or villain? My answer: Hero. If Harry can recognize this man for all that he was and name his son after him, why not us? ______________________________________________________________ #harrypotter #harrypotterforever #fandom #severussnape #jkrowling #slytherin #hogwarts #potterhead #snape #severussnape #pottermore #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram

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What exactly is “Bookstagram”, you ask? Take a guess. Your first assumption is more accurate than you think. Coupling a love for books with the Instagram platform, readers can now find fellow bookworms across the globe that share their passion for reading, and perhaps even develop a new passion for phone photography along the way. With over 8 million posts under the “bookstagram” hashtag, the variety of book titles, photo styles and content will astound and impress. The faces behind the camera are regular people who simply love to read, and have also developed a desire to show off their collection of books in flat lays, close-up photos and styled shots. These photos are commonly followed up with short blurbs or reviews in the caption that encourage their followers to respond with their own views.

The Secret of a Heart Note: 4/5 Stars . 🌸 This book was absolutely the kind of read I needed right now. It was so perfectly up my alley that I was delighted the entire time I read it. I think it’s a new personal favorite for me and one I’ll read again and again. . 🌱 First you should know that I’ve always loved plants and the meanings attached to them and all the uses for them. The world of herbs, spices, scents, and plants is extremely fascinating to me. And this book weaves these kinds of details, descriptions, and information throughout the whole story. After thinking about it, I wonder if it might feel a bit information packed at times to some, but for me I was 100% fascinated and engaged so it didn’t feel that way for me. . 🌹 I love the idea of being able to smell feelings as well as the very essence of what makes people who they are. It almost feels like mind-reading without getting all the dirty details. (which I’d be into) Smell is one of my favorite senses and I love how no matter how old a memory is, it can be called up immediately and vividly by associated smells. So reading about the way the MC, Mim, smells each person and plant and talks about her sense of smell was fascinating. . 🍄 Mim and her mother are the last two aromateurs aka “love witches” on the planet— meaning they have the rare ability to smell out and create elixirs that allow people to fall in love once they’ve been fixed with a love potion. But as you can imagine, messing with love potions can really screw things up if you’re not careful. . 🌻 Not sure if it was because I was really enjoying the concept of this story, but a lot of the usual YA drama and misunderstandings in this read didn’t annoy me like they usually do. haha. Also, I really liked and related to Mim. . 💐 This ended up not only being a fun and interesting read, but also got me thinking on what Love really is. This is my first Stacey Lee book and I’m definitely picking up her other books. This book was exactly what I was looking for right now and I can’t say enough how much I loved it. Super cool idea and a really quick and fun read.

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Common styles of shots and content include the iconic “TBR” – the To-Be-Read photo that announces to all willing to hear, of the user’s intended literary diet for the month. This is often in happy conjuncture with a “Wrap Up” photo of all the books successfully read – posted at the end of that month, including ratings and reviews.

The “Book Haul” shot showcases the books an eager reader has bought over the course of a month or during a book fair. Often times one will note enthusiastic comments affirming the buyer of the good decision made to purchase a certain favorite title.

One thing I'm often asked when posting a shelfie either through dm or in the comments section is: WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SHELVES FROM?!• • So the thing is: They look good, BUT… I wouldn't recommend getting them, as in my expierence, they are horrible quality! The boards are crashing down regularly as they are not screwed in, but just 'put on top' of pegs. So stability wise, these shelves are a nightmare. (This applies to the side shelves, the middle part is better in that regard, but the shelves of course come with the side shelves as well) If you'd still like to get exactly these shelves, they are from IKEA called HEMNES. But I'd advise you to go for different ones! 🤗 (I certainly thought about buying new ones, but you know how it is… aiiiin't got no money. 😅😂)• • #bookshelves #bookshelf #ikea #review #hemnes #bookstagram #instabooks #books #booklover #bookshelf #reader #reading #booknerd

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The most enviable style by a mile would be the “Shelfie” tag, which a reader uses to proudly show off their vast number of books, very often arranged in rainbow fashion on a rustic shelf, paired with Pop Funkos on every tier. These photos are the ones to be aware of, as indulging too much in what one doesn’t have will more often than not entice you into making yet another purchase of books you don’t need.

For the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” addict, you will find yourself blissfully lost in a sea of cozy photos of bookshops, libraries and tranquil still-life shots of styled scenes recreating moments that could have emerged from a Kinfolk magazine. Candles, tea and blankets seem to be every bookworm’s idea of heaven, and they strongly advocate the lazy-Sunday aesthetic in their photos. You will often find photos of books surrounded by flowers or fairy lights, or enjoyed with a cup of steaming tea by the window as it rains, with a candle burning nearby.

Literature expands on life, and it seems that the book lovers of Bookstagram are intent on making sure that their books can be featured in every sort of scene and situation possible. No matter how random the photos may some times appear, one thing is certain – it is hard to deny the whimsy and cheeriness that these photos evoke and you’ll find yourself falling down the rabbit hole right alongside these enthusiastic amateur photographers-cum-professional bookworms soon enough.


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