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Young, alive, and full of heart: This is Jude Young

Young, alive, and full of heart: This is Jude Young


Meet Jude Young. Singer-songwriter from fresh off the shores of sunny Singapore. Often seen with just his acoustic guitar, Jude keeps things simple and fresh. Fully self-taught in guitar and singing, Jude maintains a signature raw edge in his performances and is audibly infectious with his passion for music.

Jude made his first foray into the local music scene in 2012 with his home-recorded, solo project, “The Caterpillar Sandwich EP”. This debut demonstrated his penchant for sweet and charming acoustic pop tunes, cementing his reputation as a young and talented musician with an alluring sensitivity for words, rhythm, and melody.

Most recently, Jude’s first three singles “Young”, “Even Summer”, and “Hour” all broke into top 10 on the iTunes Charts and have gotten radio play on 987FM and Lush 99.5FM. Subsequently, the Young EP also charted at #1 on the iTunes Charts within the first day.

At only 22 years old, Jude’s music is everything young, alive, and full of heart. We interviewed the man himself to find out more about his music and plans for the future.

Hi Jude. Tell us about yourself!

I’m 23, singer-songwriter, and increasingly introverted.

Tell us about your music. What are you inspired by?

I write honestly 80% of the time. I don’t know what I’m writing or singing about for the rest of the 20%.

Who are your musical influences and inspiration?

I don’t listen to nearly enough music to even have influences. Not ashamed to admit that I’ve spent way more time with my own songs than anyone else’s! Definitely inspired by life, friends’ lives, and my own imagination.

When did you get into songwriting and music production?

I got into song-writing around 15. It began as a natural progression from just singing, and also because I thought it’d be good to write songs fit for my own voice (i.e. for my limited range etc.). Subsequently, I intentionally started writing songs that I could not sing to push myself to sing better. As my voice matured, I was allowed to write better songs. Repeat!

What do you like to do in your free time besides making music?

Ruminating, not that I can help it or enjoy it; after which I self-impose some not-thinking.

Tell us about your EP!

Strangely enough, I’ve recently noticed how the songs are still growing in meaning with me even though they are “finished”. Think the music here is definitely quite alive.

How would you rate your EP?

I think it’s pretty good. 8/10. *laughs*

Are you in the midst of making new songs?

Not really. It’s been months since a song came to me.

What sort of musician do you hope to grow into?

A good one. 

I’d like to develop the ability to write vaguely yet seemingly specifically enough to capture exact scenarios or emotions. Like cold reading.

What are the future plans for Jude Young?

Truthfully, I don’t even know.

Thanks for doing this interview with us!

Thank you!

You can find Jude on Facebook for more updates. Listen to his EP on Spotify too – you’ll have it on repeat in no time.

Finally, check out his latest music video ‘Hour‘ below:

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