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You Have To Be Rich To Look Poor

You Have To Be Rich To Look Poor


Fashion operates on a tickle-down system: Trends start on the runways and they end up being interpreted for fast fashion just a few months later. However, there are exceptions where fashion trends work their way up from the bottom to the being luxurious fashion symbols. Take a hint at these pre-distressed sneakers. Yes, they are really a thing.

If these shoes look familiar, it’s because they borrow from many classic basketball sneakers you already know and love. Of course, that’s nothing new, but with Golden Goose’s Italian roots adds sophistication and style. While this particular style may be startling to some, pre-distressed sneakers are actually Golden Goose’s specialty. Even the brand’s most extravagant and expensive footwear often includes small pre-worn details.

Its flagship products are Italian-made sneakers with the breaking-in done for you. It might actually make sense if you think about how you are willing to splurge on a pair of perfectly distressed denim.

Golden Goose Distressed Superstar Sneakers
via Barneys.com

Distressed Superstar Sneakers come with scuffed suede, ripped laces, and duct-tape reinforcement details.
via Daily Mail Online

However, the brand has found itself at the center of controversy over its Distressed Superstar Sneakers, which come with faux-distressed details such as scuffed suede, ripped laces, and duct-tape reinforcements.

The Italian-made sneakers, which can be found at Barneys New York, among other stores, retail for €450 ($685 SGD) and have come under fire for what some are calling “poverty appropriation.”

Many have also pointed out the similarity in the Golden Goose sneakers and the clothing line ‘Derelicte’ which was featured in the US comedy film, Zoolander.

The ‘Derelicate’ clothing line featured in the US comedy film, Zoolander, was inspired by the basic wears obtained by homeless people in order to survive the rigours of living on the street.
via Vogue.com

Derek Zoolander’s main nemesis, Mugatu – played hilariously by Will Ferrell – illustrated the absurdity of the medium when he planned to unveil a line called “Derelicte,” which was inspired by the basic wears obtained by homeless people in order to survive the afflictions of living on the streets. In subsequent years, the “homeless chic” trend has been further explored despite being ridiculed and mocked heavily in Zoolander.

While the notion of turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure may seem like one of the leading precept of fashion, it seems that the public is not very accepting of taking fashion inspiration from the poor.

An image of the shoe with its price was posted on Twitter with the caption ‘Lmao’ – laughing my ass off – and has since been retweeted over 8,000 times.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘The look of poverty shouldn’t be seen or sold as fashion. What the f*** is wrong with some people?’

Other backlash included accusations of the rich to dress like the poor so that they could look down-to-earth.

What do you think? Should people be spending their money on these shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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