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World Kissing Day; Our top 5 kissproof lipsticks

World Kissing Day; Our top 5 kissproof lipsticks


It’s WORLD KISSING DAY! In view of this, we will be sharing with you our top 5 kissproof lipsticks to celebrate. Share your kisses with the people you love without the worry of leaving lipstick stains!

I’m no expert when it comes to ingredients and formula of lipsticks. Thereby, I learned the hard way; experimenting with the different lipstick brands available to see whether it works or otherwise. Thus, I’ve gathered my  colleagues to help me recommend their top favourite kissproof/transferproof lipstick. Just like the saying goes, “sharing is caring”!


1. HUDABEAUTY Liquid Matte

Created by Huda Kattan, online influencer-beauty blogger extraordinaire, her line of matte liquid lipsticks not only has amazing colours, but it’s also long lasting and transferproof! In the Gif below, I am donning the HUDABEAUTY matte liquid lipstick in Bombshell. I love this formula because it’s not drying, lightweight, pigmented and it really lasts the whole day!


2. Colorpop Ultra Matte

Claudia is using a Colorpop Ultra Matte in Times Square. “A pink muted beige that never sleeps”. A very sweet colour to suit her sweet personality! Colorpop is known for its wallet friendly prices and it delivers its purpose of being matte and long lasting. If you don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, this is definitely a brand that is worth the price and will not disappoint you!


3. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Just like the name suggests, it is truly everlasting. Requires minimal to no touch-ups and extremely pigmented. A moisturizing formula which drys out completely matte and serve its true purpose of being transferproof! Kim has Vampira on her lips. Gorgeous colour, I must say! Also a plus point, Kat Von D is animal-cruelty free too!


4. Birthday Edition Kylie Liquid Matte Lipstick

The Kylie Liquid Matte Lipstick is no stranger to us ladies. Hui Ling got the Birthday Edition set and is wearing Kristen. The highly raved Kylie matte liquid lipstick stayed true to what it claims; ultra long-long lasting, creamy and easy to glide on the lips. Kissproof/transferproof? PASS!


5. Holika Holika Water Drop Tint Bomb

Esther is all about Korean makeup so no surprises that her top lippie is a Korean brand! Holika holika Water Drop Tint Bomb is a lip tint with 40% water texture and colouring.  Thus it’s a watery application but once it dries up your lips will be tinted with a beautiful colour and it is kissproof and transferproof and lasts the whole day! Amazing product! Esther is wearing Holika Holika Water Drop Tint Bomb in Number 2.


So what are you waiting for? Grab you best kissproof/transferproof lippie and start kissing! Let us know your top brands of lipstick in the comment section below. Happy World Kissing Day!

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