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What You Missed at Ultra Singapore 2016

What You Missed at Ultra Singapore 2016


Move over, Zouk Out, for it looks like Ultra Music Festival (UMF) has now taken over as the year’s hottest EDM (electronic dance music) event.

EDM lovers enjoyed a prelude of sorts last year at Road To Ultra, a one-night-only, down-sized version of UMF, and it was pretty well-received. So you can just imagine the excitement when the news emerged in January that the festival would be returning in full force.

Strategically held over the weekend on 10 and 11 September (just before a public holiday!) at 1 Bayfront Avenue, UMF certainly lived up to all expectations.


Things took off rather bumpily on the first day as the festival grounds were covered in mud due to a sudden downpour in the morning. Of course, this failed to dampen the partygoers’ spirits – they were there to dance, mud or no mud. The insanely long queues at the admission lanes and food and beverage counters also caused quite a lot of frustration, but the smashing sets by Afrojack and DJ Snake more than made up for it.

Not one to sit back and relax, the organisers of Ultra immediately took note of all the complaints on the first day and worked hard to make sure the same problems wouldn’t repeat themselves the next day. Kudos to them, for the queues were significantly more well-managed – by mid-afternoon, there was barely any queue at the admission lanes!

What topped it all off was the fantastic line-up on the second day. The enigmatic DJ Marshmello pumped up the atmosphere when he (or she?) came on at 4.10pm, followed by an impressive set by DJ Carnage. Crowd-favourite Kygo, who was incidentally born in Singapore, took over after Carnage and the festival-goers simply went wild! The closing act for Ultra was Axwell, who unfortunately had to play without his partner Ingrosso since the latter was down with an ear infection, but he still managed to deliver a mind-blowing performance that was the perfect ending to a brilliant event.

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, shall we?







See you next year!

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