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What Went Down At The House Of Vans Tour

What Went Down At The House Of Vans Tour


If you love Vans just as much as we do, you would’ve been at House of Vans Singapore on Saturday. For kids born in the 80s and 90s, Vans is particularly nostalgic – who can forget the times we saved all our pocket money just so we could afford the shoes, or the times we begged our parents to buy a pair for us?

In spite of the sweltering heat, fans of the much-loved American brand, old and young, gathered at 99 Beach Road to celebrate Vans’ 50th anniversary. We even spotted couples who brought their children along! Don’t sweat it if you didn’t get a chance to attend the event, for we’ll show you all that you missed so you’ll be sure to mark it on your calendar the next time this rolls around.

9Skateboarders getting ready to show off their moves

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the Waffle Skate Jam, where skateboarders from Singapore and Malaysia competed against one other, with cash prizes up for grabs during the ‘Best Trick’ segment. Onlookers were greatly entertained by the skateboarders who wowed with their slick moves, and who were of course wearing their trusty Vans shoes.

8      VANS x INK&CLOG

We also spotted up-and-coming graffiti artist duo Ink&Clog working hard at their collaborative mural. The inspiration behind their mural was mainly their passion for Vans, which they mentioned they had been wearing (and decorating) for at least ten years. Wow! Talk about brand loyalty.

Organisers of House of Vans made sure there were plenty of activities to keep fans busy, and the afternoon was packed with a wide variety of free workshops that participants had to register for prior to the event. Some of our favourites include the DIY Sk-8 High Workshop where parents could bond with their children and design their own 3D paper shoes and the Tote Customisation Workshop led by designer Fahmy Ishak where he and his team showed participants how to personalise their tote bags using denim and Japanese print fabric. Ishak is the founder of Finicky in Nature (FIN), a brand that specialises in incorporating boro patched work in its designs, using fabrics from Japan. He shared with us that during his frequent travels to Japan, he chanced upon this unique craft, and the rest is history. Have a look at the workshops below:




Khai Skate Deck “Up-Cycle” Construction Workshop


Tote Screen Printing Workshop


SBTG designs for sale


Free haircuts by Hounds of the Baskervilles

To round off the celebrations, event-goers were treated to a night of smashing performances featuring artists from Singapore and Malaysia, including Lion City Boy, Plainsunset and Volatile.





The cornerstones of the brand Vans comprise of street culture, skate, music and art – all of which the event brought out for one certainly unforgettable day. As one event-goer we spoke to put it, Vans is not just a brand but a lifestyle. And even 50 years since it was founded, this lifestyle is still fresh as ever.

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