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Ways to wear the birthstones of June

Ways to wear the birthstones of June


June, the month sandwiched in the middle of the year, marks the peak of transition between seasons. Typically in the first half of the year, the viridescent Spring changes into a scarlet Fall in the latter half of the year. Apt enough, one of the birthstones of June is the colour-changing Alexandrite. When polished, it is blueish green under daylight and purplish red under incandescent light. All the better if your 55th wedding anniversary lies in the month of June because Alexandrite is symbolic of this milestone. Incorporate its sui generis colour properties into your wardrobe or beauty regimen and you’re good to go.



Recreated by Kase Kathleen Ault

Left: Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat / Right: Sigma Lip Switch

We’re bringing back this “oil spill” lip trend that was all over the interwebs in 2016. Strangely timeless, this look is sure to elevate your standard dark-toned lip for night outs. It makes for an easy day-to-night look. Simply dab on a maroon or deep purple shade in the day and swipe on a layer of Sigma’s Lip Switch in Double Whammy and/or Transcend before you head out for drinks at night. For a more glitzy pout, try Urban Decay’s Vice Special Effects Topcoat in Ritual and Reverb. Take a look at a step-by-step tutorial here.


Nail Polish

Emily De Molly Nail Polish (From Out of Nowhere)

If the bold iridescent lip is a little bit much for you, opt for subtle swatches of this holographic craze. Save yourself the hassle of nail art or mixing different hues with duotone nail polishes. Add a topcoat of sheen to bring out its shine or seal it in with a matte topcoat for a spunkier finish.


Mesh Tees

Silence + Noise Iridescent Shimmer Mesh Tee

Although a statement piece with its futuristic holo, this tee will get as much wear as your go-to monochrome tee. Throw it over a cami dress for a dress-down day at work or match it with a black pleather skirt and fishnet stockings for a 90s day out with your pals. There are no limits to how you can dress up or dress down this groovy number.


The other two birthstones of June include Pearl, commonly associated with innocence and purity, and Moonstone, synonymous with the mystical magic of the lunar moon. Both contain a clean luminescence that will refresh your summer colour palette.



Glossier Haloscope

Widely raved amongst people off and on the Internet, Glossier’s Haloscope has become a cult-classic. Termed as a “moonlight-in-a-stick”, it is reminiscent of the Moonstone’s adularescence. With an oil core rich with coconut and castor seed oil and sweet almond oil, this highlighter not only leaves a natural glow on your face, it also nourishes your skin. Another plus point is that you don’t have to keep checking if your dewy radiance is still in place because the sticky, silky texture of this highlighter ensures a high staying-on power. Get your tropical gleam on!



Mondo Mondo Toyen Earring

Far from being outdated, pearls are agelessly classy. The sterling silver, organic shapes also add a fluidity of luxury which enhances the understated elegance of these Toyen earrings.  Pearls, however, have a tendency to turn any accessory into a passé piece of costume jewellery when used excessively. Mondo Mondo successfully steered away from that territory by adding just one simple Baroque Pearl drop. Our pearl of wisdom: Opt for pieces with a limited touch of this gemstone.


Flat Mules

New Look Pearl Flat Mule

These mules have been a street style favourite, popularised by high fashion labels such as Jil Sander to high street brands such as Zara. Not only are they effortlessly stylish, they are comfortable and easy to slip on. It’s no surprise why it has become a wardrobe staple for many. However, this also means it can get frustrating when you can’t identify which pair of mules belongs to you when you’re leaving a family gathering or dinner party. Set yourself apart by opting for embellished mules.

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