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Vivienne’s Verdict: Hurricane

Vivienne’s Verdict: Hurricane


On a casual and light-hearted interview with Vivienne’s Verdict, foxesden finds out more about the dynamics of the band, their quirks and personalities.

Since their inception in 2009 as a cover band, Vivienne’s Verdict has progressed to produce their own originals. And despite their hard rock music style and ice cold outlook, strong camaraderie is evident between the members and they are very passionate about what they do.

Read on to find out more about the band and be sure to check out their new single – ‘Hurricane’ here! Their music can be found on iTunes and Spotify as well.

Describe your journey as a band.

Vivienne’s Verdict started out as a cover band named ‘Take It Apart’. Dezimin (ex-vocalist), Reuben (Bassist) and Scottie (ex-drummer) were the founders of the band before Vincent (guitarist) and Jay (guitarist) joined. When Scottie had to go overseas for his studies, the band enlisted Kenneth (ex-drummer) to replace him. At that point, we covered songs from Our Lady Peace, Incubus, Alter Bridge and Avenge Seven fold. After jamming for quite some time, the band decided to write origincals and eventually led to the release of our debut album ‘Depiction’ in January 2016. Shortly after that, Dezimon started a family and Kenneth wanted to pursue his studies, hence both of them had decided to leave the band to focus on that. Not wanting to stop the passion, the remaining members went on a lookout for suitable members to fill in the positions. We’re very blessed to have found Kurenai as our vocalist, Jasper on drums and Fiq as our third guitarist.

What is the inspiration behind the band’s name?

Vivienne was the name of the original drummer (Scottie’s) ex-girlfriend. He was going through a hard time with her, and one day Scottie talked to the band and said, ” Guys, Vivienne’s verdict is to break up with me”.  And the rest of the band thought ‘Vivienne’s Verdict sounded catchy and has a nice ring to it, so the band was renamed Vivienne’s Verdict.

Tell us more about your music. What inspires the band?

The direction of our first EP, ‘Depiction’ was straight up hard rock. We’re always pushing ourselves to create something unique and fresh with our music. Therefore, with the new line up, we wanted to have heavier band sound by fusing electronic elements on top of catchy vocal lines which can be heard from our new single ‘Hurricane’. Right now we are heading towards the direction of electronic hard rock.

What is the new single about?

The new single ‘Hurricane’ is about people working hard towards achieving their goals, yet being obstructed by obstacles along the way. It’s about struggles and the feeling of never being good enough.

Where will the band be in the next 3-5 years?

Right now the band is working on our second EP while promoting our new single. It’s hard to predict what will happen in the next 5 years, but we will still continue to explore different kinds of musical elements, gig constantly, releasing quality music and content, etc. Hopefully we get to spread our music further locally and overseas likewise.

What are some words of advice for budding and aspiring artistes?

As Cliché it might sounds, it’s all down to hard work. Stay true to what speaks to you and throw it back to the world. If you’re in a band, always remember to communicate effectively. Be humble. Take care of one another and never ever give up easily.



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