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urban roseate ft. Phillida

foxesden wants to uncover what it is that essentially drives a woman’s style. Our weekly feature of the Singaporean woman is our attempt at cumulating a collective story behind every trend and fad, a story that is timeless and identifiable. 

Soggy, pallid and maybe even dank adequately describes the late afternoon as we trod through the damp streets in search of a little warmth and shelter. Our company for the afternoon was Phillida, whose vibrance brought just about as much comfort as actual warmth would.

We found her on Bigo a week ago, and immediately fell in love with her candid charm and radiant personality. She graciously accepted our invitation to have a little chat on all things life, fashion and Bigo Live.

Here’s what we spoke to Phillida about,

Who is Phillida?

Phillida lacks a current identity, as of now she is studying psychology. I haven’t exactly decided what I want to do career wise. Sometimes I do events, although seldom. I like to walk, shop and do young people things. Except social media, I’m terrible at that. My instagram has got like 4 photos?


Yeah, it seemed pretty shady.

I deleted everything though! I envy people who are motivated enough to update it every day! Its like when I see food, I just want to eat it and not take a photo.


I feel the same way too when it comes to food, but is having influence important to you?

Well, I don’t actively pursue it. I’m interested in pursuing a career related to psychology so anything I do now is really in the moment and because I have time.

Speaking of psychology, thoughts on the electra complex?

Just no, its full of crap.


Couldn’t agree more, moving on! Describe your current style.

I’m pretty short, so I’m usually wearing shorts or long dresses. And I love simple colours like black, white, grey and navy.


What are your influences?

Well I tell myself I don’t let magazines or trends dictate my style although since retailers are influenced by them, to a certain degree I guess I do, if that makes sense.


It does indeed! Let’s talk about Bigo live, how did you start?

I saw people posting on Facebook and I was curious. And I thought it was kinda like Youtube but without the editing, seeing as I don’t know how to edit and I wanted to give Youtube a go, I figured I’ll give Bigo a shot. Although, sometimes the people on Bigo are a little… perverted.


Yeah, and they have the sneakiest ways of getting you to expose yourself too! There was once, they kept saying I had dark armpits, and I don’t have dark pits right?

Not that I’m aware of.

And I was just like guys, look, it’s not dark! And also there’s this one where they’ll tell you to put your elbows together.

That is sneaky!

Yeah, but I mean Bigo is a great place for expression, and you get to talk to people whom you normally wouldn’t get the chance to speak to. Some people get a little demanding though, like I know I’m streaming, but it’s not exactly on demand singing or dancing. So usually I ignore that.


Beans! How important are they to your Bigo experience?

It doesn’t translate to much, I mean I’ve streamed for around 10 hours now and I have the equivalent of 15 dollars?  I think it’s more for showing appreciation and that’s a plus? But I don’t do this for the beans.

Have you ever forgotten you were streaming and done something embarrassing?

No, I’m quite self-aware most of the time.


 So, what’s next for Phillida?

I don’t know. Probably work on my Instagram. It does look shady.

A question from the previous interviewee: will you eat a live fried caterpillar for 150 dollars?

Live before it was fried? No.

What about live and not fried?

That’s even worse!

Do you have a question for the next person to feature?

Why did you agree to do this interview?




We totally recommend catching Phillida on Bigo if you ever get the chance, her down-to-earth personality and salt of the earth charms is simply enchanting. #sostunlikevegetable

If you’d like to check out Phillida’s instagram, you can find it here. If you aren’t familiar with Bigo Live, you can check out the article we posted here.

For general enquiries, you can email us at press@foxesden.co.

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