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Trendy Swimsuits You Should Have This Summer

Trendy Swimsuits You Should Have This Summer


We know, it’s always summer in Singapore and you cannot comprehend the seasonal hype surrounding swimsuits during the ‘Summer’. Still, other climates wait a year for this. When the other parts of the world finally catch up with us, all the more for you to get some new pieces of swimwear to bare that sun-kissed skin!

With a plethora of swimsuit designs that saturate the market, we compiled some of the more trendy and cute designs you should get your hands on this period.


1. High-Neck Halters


Victoria Secret


These designs makes the two-piece bikini look chic and sliiightly more discreet with its high-neck cutting. It definitely places the right amount of attention on the collarbones and shoulders without letting too much hang out below. Although – we do love the up-and-coming trend of the intricate peek-a-boo details to give it a little bit of sexy!


2. High-Rise Bottoms


Charlotte Ruse



Next up, like its high-waisted bottoms predecessor, these designs are sure to give the illusion of leg elongation. Do check out those with retro prints or caged patterns too as it emanates the sweet vintage 50’s feel.


3. Cut-out One Pieces


onepiece-kendall copy

Kendall and Kylie Swimwear


Reminiscent of the ultimate Baywatch babe, the one-piece classic has a wide range of designs to choose from. Yet, if we have to take our pick, it’d be these hipbone-baring, thigh-high frongs that surely bring extra definition to your curves. Also, Kendall and Kylie’s Topshop swimsuit collection comprises of this striking electric blue one-piece swimsuit which, we feel, might be the best one out of their collection.


4. Mixed media print pieces



Ale by Alessandra


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

 Do not be afraid of experimenting with different abstract print pieces too! You’d stick out like a good thumb. Besides, check out Taylor Swift & Co.’s display of July 4th-inspired patterned swimsuit by the brand Solid and Striped that spurned a thousand searches.


5. Crochet-detailed Swimsuit




The elaborate Crochet-embroidered swimsuit is definitely worth getting your hands on this summer, if you’re looking to rock that bohemian look. With this style, you can’t go wrong with donning on scarves, other accessories or testing out the different nuances of crochet design.

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