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Trend forecast: Rainy season ahead

Trend forecast: Rainy season ahead


Y’know those days when you wake up feeling like the world is your oyster? You didn’t snooze through any of your alarms, your nails are unchipped, and you actually had breakfast. The skies outside are a kind of blue that beat the monday blues. T h a t kind of day. Uplifted by how the universe seems to be working in your favour, you step out of the house in your best outfit.

And this is where the rain comes in. Quite literally.

The weather these days has been unpredictable, a beam of sunshine first and a fierce downpour next (or vice versa). We, too, are annoyed by how we never know what Mother Nature is thinking. Who likes mucky hair, soaked socks and dripping hems?

But not to worry, dark days are over. Forget Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter trends, here’s our style guide to surviving this season of thunderstorms.



Birkenstock Arizona Mono Slide 

The go-to shoe on a rainy day is the covered shoe but with covered shoes comes the ickiness of soaked feet. Try these Birkenstock Arizona Mono Slides instead. The vinyl straps are waterproof and Birkenstocks are as comfortable as comfortable gets. Could you ask for better combination? Although it is not advisable to expose your Birks to wet-weather conditions for a prolonged time, they will still last for years with proper care. When drying these Birks, just make sure you don’t place them near a heat source as the soles might shrink. All you need to do is insert wadded newspapers to speed up the drying process. Another fuss-free option is to get waterproofing spray. Read more about it here.


One-piece swimsuits

Left: COS Cross-over Swimsuit / Right: Solid & Striped The Anne-Marie Gingham Swimsuit

A comfortable alternative to your run-of-the-mill cotton cami is the one-piece swimsuit. The light, polyurethane fabrics are waterproof and help keep you cool in the tropical heat. Not to mention, they are easy to breathe in and you never have to worry about an unflattering folded-out muffin top. Swimsuits are basically bodysuits so they will nicely stay tucked into your bottoms. In classic solid colours, they make a decent wardrobe staple. If you’re feeling a little more cheeky, experiment with funky prints!


Vinyl skirts

Left: MAJE Juna Short Embossed Vinyl Skirt / Right: ASOS Vinyl Pelmet Skirt

Shorter skirts are advisable when walking under the pelting rain. Cold, damp bottoms sticking to your gams is not the most pleasant feeling. Having a weatherproof skirt, typically made of vinyl fabrics, makes the walk more bearable. They also add an luxurious edge to your outfit with that sleek, glossy finish. If you’re not a fan of that smooth sheen, try embossed or textured vinyl, they do the same trick.


Weatherproof tote bags

TOGA Ring Handle Vinyl Tote Bag

Zipping and unzipping your bag when you have an umbrella in hand is always a hassle. A handy tote bag makes all the difference because you can easily slip your stuff in and out. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the contents getting drenched as the protective layer of vinyl plastic will keep them safe and dry. This TOGA Tote comes with small compartments as well so you don’t have to scour through your bag when looking for your small shenanigans. Begone the frustration of having your wallet lost in the dark abyss!


Transparent Umbrellas

Hunter Original Moustache Bubble Umbrella

Watch where you are going with this Bubble Umbrella. There is a tendency to miss what’s ahead of you and around you when your eyes are fixed to the ground as you try to avoid incoming water puddles. As much as keeping your feet free from mucky leaves and gravel matters to you, your road safety is just as important. With a transparent cover, this umbrella does not hinder your peripheral vision and does its job all the same. A bubble umbrella also provides a more encompassing shelter than normal umbrellas. Equipped with a rubberised handle for better grip and a double rib frame that can withstand raging winds, safely strut in style to your destination.


The raincoat

Golden Ponies Pastel Raincoat

Go hands-free and add a splash of youthful kookiness to any outfit with this bold raincoat. With its pastel tones, this coat isn’t overtly garish. Also, pockets!!! I can’t emphasise this enough. Store your spare change or ez-link card in these handy compartments so you won’t have to dig through your bag when you’re in a rush.

There you have it, our style guide to battling a rainy day. Try out any of these tips and tag us at @fxxesden on Instagram, we’d love to see how you pull these off!

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