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Trend Alert! Bringing Back the 90’s With T-Shirts Under Spaghetti Straps

Trend Alert! Bringing Back the 90’s With T-Shirts Under Spaghetti Straps


Seems like nostalgia has been hitting us hard lately, as recent fashion trends have been revisiting the grunge era of the 90s. Think choker necklaces, high-waisted distressed denim, and now – the spaghetti straps over basic t-shirt look.

This reversed layering has seen some revival in celebrities’ styling and on runways of late. The good news for you? It is rather simple to put together; as basic tees are not hard to procure, and spaghetti straps are definitely not limited to tops!

Totally digging this trend, here’s some inspiration for you to pull off this getup:

1. Vision of you in a slipdress 


Kendall Jenner’s Outfit Post-MTV Movie Awards 2016


from La Garçonne

Instead of oozing inappropriate innuendoes from the somnolent slipdress, don a basic tee under it for a more neutral effect. Do not underestimate this simplistic style though, for it will further emphasize whatever striking accessories you put on – case in point: Kendall Jenner’s outfit above!

2. Color coordination is key

selfie life for @theFADER #FADER100

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on


Kim K in NYC on April 16

 Well, well, give it to our favourite celebrities for matching the layers with a monochromatic palette! You definitely can’t go wrong with safely sticking to nuanced shades of the same color.

3. We all love lace!


Getty Images



Feeling lacy but don’t feel like baring too much skin? Elevate the skimpy lace bralette with a basic crop tee underneath and pair it with skinny denims, and you have a really chic outfit ready.

5. High contrast between the layers


Self Service Magazine


Kylie Jenner

Layers with polarising colors will leave an impressionable mark with this style so don’t be afraid to put on the good ol’ black-and-white do up!

6. Bizarre patterns on top of layering? Why not!


Urban Outfitters

00-holding-reverse-layeringFrom left: Dries Van Noten Spring 2016, Emilio Pucci Spring 2016, Courrèges Spring 2016 via Vogue Magazine

Last but not least, this getup is absolutely not limited to a single color scheme. Do get creative with your choice of patterned tees or intricately designed spaghetti tops and slipdresses! Afterall, this style is not isolated to runways or professional stylists. It is casual enough to mimic and incorporate into your everyday life.

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