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To trim or not to trim?

To trim or not to trim?


It’s that awkward phase where your bangs are neither short enough to be considered as bangs nor long enough to be swept back. If you are encountering such a dilemma, keep your scissors away for a moment because we got tips for you to avoid the uncomfortable eye-poking and semi-covered vision!

Maintaining a good set of bangs definitely requires one of the highest commitment levels. So if you want to jump off the bangswagon and stray away from the frequent trims, why not try out the unconventional curl to keep your bangs in place and on point?

Curl It Up!

What better way to keep the long curtains from draping down your face than with a little twisting and curling? All you need is a hair straightener and a can of hair spray and you are on your way to rocking a new look. This look may be slightly bold and eccentric but it’s never bad to be a head-turner! As complicated as this looks, 5 minutes is all you need to transform from the dishevelled to the sophisticated. In order to achieve curled, wispy bangs, follow Q2Han‘s tutorial here!

For those with thin and wispy bangs, keep to curling your bangs in halves. On the other hand, those with thick and full bangs can consider splitting it into thirds to avoid a heavy appearance. We would love it if you decide to keep this as your go-to hairstyle but remember to apply a trusty heat protectant prior to curling because nobody wants to have to deal with brittle and damaged hair.

Roll it up!

I have to admit, there were days where I walked around with a roller stuck to my forehead in lectures, on the train – basically every opportunity I managed to get to give my bangs some volume and poof. What I get in return is at least an hour away from the incessant hair poking and partially blocked vision. Not too bad of a trade-off, I’d say. If your bangs are an inch too long for your liking, just roll it up and give it a gentle sweep to the side for a sweet look!

Not everyone has the guts to walk around with a roller in public because the staring and side-eyeing may just be a bit too overwhelming. Instead of using the regular roller, you can opt for the heated and rechargeable hot hair roller to set your bangs in place for the entire day. All you have to do is roll your bangs up and leave it in for a minute while the hot hair roller does its magic. A cheaper option that promises a long-lasting poof is to use your hairdryer to heat up your rolled bangs – this is as easy as it gets!

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