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It’s About Time – The Best Bang for your Buck with AMOT

It’s About Time – The Best Bang for your Buck with AMOT


I’m no watch connoisseur but having the freedom to piece together every part of my ideal watch would be the best DIY I’ve ever heard of. Customisation of watches has been prevalent worldwide for decades – from choosing a particular textured strap to selecting a distinct bezel hue. We all form that special connection with our personalised items but when a new watch trend flashes in, this connection unknowingly falters and we buckle on yet another watch.

Fickle-minded as we are, there seems to be nothing much that stops us from our constant desire for different watch designs. Classic and durable watches are by no means a cheap purchase so can we actually stop this excessive habit that’s been taking a toll on our bank account?

AMOT – A Matter of Time – has brought us their unique modular watches that can be created and transformed wherever, whenever.

Unlike how many brands have given us the ability to decide the strap design that fits our personality best, AMOT provides the experience to create the one watch that is unique to you by choosing your favourite base, dial, bezel and strap. It doesn’t end here.

To complement different occasions, you could also switch out any part of the watch for another pattern, design or shade! Instead of owning different watches, all you need is a variety of interchangeable AMOT watch components and you hold the power to match different looks without having to splurge on an extensive watch collection.




It comes down to simple math. With 1 watch and 1 bezel, you can create 2 different watch combinations. With 2 watches and 2 bezels, you can create up to 32 combinations! If you would like to get a bang for your buck, why not invest in an AMOT collection? It will just be a matter of time before your monthly expenditures dip. Catch their early bird Kickstarter price and reserve your AMOT watch here now.

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