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The Foolproof Hair Trend – Hidden Rainbow Hair

The Foolproof Hair Trend – Hidden Rainbow Hair


Who knew rainbow hair, the over-the-top style that swept through our Insta feeds this summer, could be totally HR-approved? Just when we thought that hair trends can’t get any more creative and mind-blowing, we were once again proved wrong.

It’s called hidden rainbow hair ― and it’s precisely what it sounds like.
Unlike the fabulous ombre look and glitter roots, hidden rainbow hair fools us all by concealing the brightest and most daring hair colour combos underneath your top layer of tresses. The end result? A full-on colour spectrum that is tucked away from judgy HR-reps at your job interviews.

Hidden Rainbow Hair
via Not Another Salon

Its all fool-proof! The versatility of hidden rainbow hair means you can hide it in the office and flaunt it in less corporate circumstances. But unlike the “business in the front, party in the back” mullet, it’s a dual-situation hair trend we can actually get behind.

When done correctly, the finished product looks effortlessly cool, especially when pops of colour randomly peek out when you run your fingers through your hair or style it in a braid.

Whether you choose a pastel palette or a more jewel-toned range of colour, this trend is guaranteed to turn more than a few heads. Feeling inspired? Watch the video below for more hidden rainbow hair inspirations!

Would you take on this new hair trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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