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The Difference Between Your Life On Social Media And Reality

The Difference Between Your Life On Social Media And Reality


Have you ever stopped for a moment to think why people constantly compare their chaotic entirety of life to the sliver of beauty shown by other people on social media?

In reality, we’re so disconnected from real life. We’re constantly chasing after made up perfection because that’s all we see when we browse the internet. Everyone wants people to think they’re happy, things are going well, and that life is good all the time. No one likes to show off the ugly side of life, but who are we trying to fool?

With social media having such a huge role in connecting us to so many people, it’s understandable that we may not want to share everything. After all, its good to keep personal things private and not expose yourself to the world. But at the same time, it’s hard to be contented when you have so many different influences screaming perfection at you from so many different platforms. It makes you feel inadequate and these things are usually unattainable.

For example, one weekday morning, I posted a photo that implied that I had a productive morning. I got up, made tea, got half-dressed, and then I took a picture – a nice flat lay with marble table at the background, the tea in the clean ceramic cup untouched, and hey, why not throw in the Kinfolk magazine to show what I’ve been reading. Everything seems cozy, aesthetic, and almost perfect. But that’s not what happened —

I got up late, so I didn’t have to go to work until that afternoon. I only got out of bed to make tea and merely just put a different shirt on. I didn’t even change out of my pajama pants. What people don’t see is that outside that nice little marble coffee table, is a big old mess. I just omitted those parts so that people can see that my life is “perfect”.

Will I continue to do this? Probably. Because I like my social media page to look aesthetically pleasing. But I’m not afraid to tell what it really is as well. I’m not afraid to tell people that I don’t have it all together; I probably never will, and I’ve accepted that about myself.

You know it yourself. What people show online is not everything. Just because someone shows off all their delicious and healthy meals on Instagram and Snapchat doesn’t mean she didn’t eat ice cream on two separate occasions that day because she was down. The girl who runs a super cute fashion blog does not dress that way all the time. She does own sweatpants.

Real life is for everyone. We all have our own struggles, we all have a sink full of dishes and laundry to do at the end of everyday. We all go two or three days without changing out of our comfy pants and that’s fine. If someone chooses to only show off the highlights of their life, that’s their prerogative. Just keep in mind that it isn’t their whole story.

Learn to be secure, proud, and most importantly, happy with your own story, what you have, and what you do. Don’t let social media and the idea of perfection run your life or tell you what to do.

Hui Xin Huixin is a true ENFJ. Her passions include fashion, dancing and everything design. Her latest obsession? Acai!


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