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Swapaholic x Fashion Revolution

Swapaholic x Fashion Revolution


Behind the Oil and Gas sector, the Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. To keep up with rapidly changing trends and unending demands of consumers, around 80 billion garments are produced every year. To put matters into perspective, there are only 7 billion people in the world. Clearly, there is an unnecessary excess of garments produced.

In Singapore alone, 150 000 tonnes of textiles are wasted annually. It may sound like an exaggerated number but that is the equivalent of only 12 tees per person. How often do you wear each new piece in your wardrobe? How much of your closet goes up on Carousell?

Swap your lifestyle of impulsive buying with a more positive habit of recycling clothes. Swapaholic, Singapore’s first online fashion swapping platform, encourages shopaholics to become Swapaholics instead. It is a sustainable method of decluttering and refreshing your wardrobe without hurting the environment.


Check out what went down at Swapaholic x Fashion Revolution


All you need to do is register to become a Swapaholic, drop off clothes you no longer wear and get new finds in return. By becoming a responsible shopper, you will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, soil and water pollutants and water wastage. Moreover, the quality of clothings are not compromised as the condition of every item given to Swapaholic is checked thoroughly. The more you give, the more Swapaholic points you accumulate. With these points, you can get bigger ticket items at the swap. You can also try on pieces that catch your eye at the event so your swapping efforts won’t go to waste because of ill-fitting clothes.


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