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Known for their dreamy, indie pop style of music, Foxesden had the opportunity to interview Subsonic Eye. Their new album ‘Strawberry Feels’ has been released in April this year.

Inspired by teenage frustrations of growing up, angst and lust, their album ‘Strawberry Feels’ is a collection about love letters, novels and short stories.

Watch as Subsonic Eye does one of their songs, ‘You In The Pleasant Things’ from their album.

The band also has chill and quirky vibes in addition to their infectious passion for music.

Describe the band in 3 words.

Daniel: Guys Being Dudes
Spencer: Dudes Being Bros
Jared: Best Friends Ever
Wahidah: Stuck in time
Lucas: Wall of sound

How did the band decide to come together to make music?

Daniel: I met Wahidah in school and we became friends pretty quickly because we shared a common interest for stuff. I really liked her voice so I sent her my instrumental demos for her to sing over. We eventually had enough songs to release a fun little EP, and got invited to play for some shows. We knew we had to get other people in the band, so we got Spencer (who’s also our classmate), Lucas and Jared who we met through mutual friends. From there, the band’s sound sort of just moulded accordingly to how each of us play and our individual influences.

Your style of music has been described as dreamy, indie pop, do you think you guys will be sticking to it, or will your sound change?

We’re definitely trying to experiment and branch out to other styles more often, but still having that dreamy element. Some bands really manage to amaze me with their versatility and mastery over styles and genres. I’m really hoping we can reach that point. I’m absolutely sure that with every album, I want us to mature and create something different.

Who would you want to collaborate with if given the choice?

Daniel: I would kill for Post Malone to have a verse in one of our songs
Jared: Hayley Williams
Spencer: Bring Andy Warhol back from the dead to make our next album art
Wahida: björk, Frank Ocean, Tyler the creator
Lucas: Matt Garstka, Chris Dave, Art Blakey

Are you able to share any upcoming plans with us, or what can we be expecting from the band?

We have a couple of shows coming up – we’re pretty excited to be involved in FXTRT’s launch at the end of June. Also – we’re playing for the Baybeats Festival too. We’re really stoked to play there – it’s kind of a cute local band dream. Release wise, I think we’re still in the midst of writing so we’ll update you on that!

What’s your favourite song off the current album?

Daniel: ‘I Think I’ve Entered The Void’ cause of the noise part at the end is damn shiok
Jared: “You in the Pleasant Things’
Spencer: ‘In Limbo’ cause I have some sort of a bass solo in the second verse
Lucas: 178
Wahida: 178

Who do you look up to musically?

Daniel: Post Malone and Tome Delonge
Jared: Greta Kline, Carly Rae Jepsen
Spencer: Don Moen
Wahidah: björk, Frank Ocean, Jonny Greenwood
Lucas: Matt Garstka, Chris Dave, Art Blakey

If you had to choose someone in the band to be trapped on a deserted island with, who would it be and why?

Daniel: Jared so I can eat him
Jared: Spencer because I think it would be easy to hold a conversation with him but also I’m not sure if he likes me
Spencer: Lucas so we can jam
Lucas: Probably Daniel because he watches a bunch of weird conspiracy videos and stuff so he’s probably seen a documentary about surviving on an island or building an underground bunker made completely out of leaves or something. haahaha
Wahidah: Daniel because I think it’ll be honestly really damn fun. I also know he’s probably the only one in the band who could handle me and my moods for hours on end – I rather not put anyone else in that position.

Who has the weirdest habit in the group?

Daniel: Wahidah just twitches all of a sudden sometimes and it’s really damn strange.
Jared: Wahidah has this small zip-lock bag of just a bunch of her scabs
Spencer: When Wahidah watches gore videos she gets too deep into it and starts developing connections and feelings for the people involved in the videos…. not even a joke
Lucas: Wahidah doesn’t drink water and only eats biscuits
Wahidah: We just keep on cracking cold ones, all of us. I think we have issues, honestly.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring musicians out there?

Invest your time into learning and practicing. Get to know people. Help other musicians out.


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