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5 Stores To Look Out For At Megafash Pop Market

5 Stores To Look Out For At Megafash Pop Market


Keep your weekends free folks, because our favourite curator of indie brands, Megafash, is exalting a unique shopping experience for you over at Suntec, the North Atrium this weekend and the next.

We’ve always admired Megafash’s mission to not only help small, independent brands receive the exposure that they duly deserve, but to also foreground the stories behind that drive their products. This time, Megafash takes it up a notch again with their pop-up event in the heart of Suntec City.

The Megafash Pop Market is featuring over 60 makers specialising from clothing and homeware, to accessories and lifestyle products. You’ll be sure to stumble across serendipitous finds! Quirky, elegant, artisanal, handcrafted – you name it, they have it.

We’ve picked out 5 brands that should get you excited about this event!

1. Chloe + Emma

Chloe and Emma carries artful phone cases and prints with abstract and the freshest patterns. They’ve been running for over a year now, channelling inspiration they derive from everyday life into their creative and crisp designs.

You can purchase their phone cases at $2 off at the event so be sure to visit them!

Check out their products over here or browse through their Instagram here.

2. The Wicked Cream SG

The Wicked Cream SG brings your tastes buds to saccharine heaven with their homemade, barbecued gourmet marshmallows. Their flavours include chocolate ferrero, sea salt melaka, speculoos caramelised cookies and much more! Definitely a must try!

You can visit their Facebook page over here.

3. Bliing

Fuchen, founder of Bliing, first started out by selling handmade pearl necklaces his mother made for charity. Soon, it expanded into a business venture and now the brand curates handcrafted, modern and minimalist designs for other accessories such as necklaces, earrings and rings.

The price ranges from $69 to $139 for the pearl necklaces and $14.90 to $19.90 for the other accessories.

Visit their Facebook page over here.

4. Juan Tea

Juan, mother of three, hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle to her children with her blended collections of traditional herbal tea and modern flavours. We were charmed by the packaging and presentation of her two collections on display there, which are her ‘Sparkling Herbal Tea’ and ‘Rainbow’ collections. The latter features 7 tea blends representing the colours of a rainbow, include flavours such as ‘Spicy Blue’ and ‘Peppermint Violet’. We never knew tea could look and taste so good!

Visit their website over here.

5. Share Adventure by Samuel and Ashley

All of Share Adventure’s bags, wallets and accessories are made from American top grain leather, designed with an elegant and polished finish. Portable and lightweight (not to mention vibrant and eye-catching), Share Adventures bring life to their products suitable for women of all ages!

You can browse their collections over here.

But of course, don’t limit yourself to this list. Head down this weekend or the next to experience its entirety for yourself!

Where: Suntec North Atrium (between tower 1 & 2)
When: 2-4 Sep 2016 and 9-11 Sep 2016
Hours:  11 am – 9 pm


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