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Store your summer essentials in this summer essential

Store your summer essentials in this summer essential


Remember those dainty straw handbags you saw in photographs of your Ah Ma in her teens and 20s? Well, they’re back as the summer wardrobe staple to have. Makes sense since they are technically made from dried cereal stalks.

Not a fan of the scratchy material? You can opt for similar variations of this rustic carry-on with bags made from other plant fibres such as rattan, rushes, willow, cane, pandan and raffia. You don’t have to worry about a damp, musky stench building up in these bags after extended use either. The fibres have a natural resistance to water so the earthy scent of these organic materials won’t wane easily. These fibres are also the reason behind the lightweight yet durable quality of these bags.

Don’t limit yourself to the tan shades of rattan, read on to find out how you can weave in new forms of this modest yet à la mode bags into your #wiwt.


Coloured Rattan

Abacá Ticao bag in black

With this Ticao bag in an all-absorbing black, you can still bag yourself a rattan number without compromising your punk street cred. The kooky circle shape also breaks apart the toughness of the stark black and sturdy material, giving the overall look a sweet balance of femininity and edge. You can easily pair this with a pair of ripped denim jeans or a pleated tartan skirt. Opt for other solid colours to liven up your summer wardrobe!



InDot Cherry Applique Straw Chain Bag in Beige

Embroidery may be all the rage now but rest assured, it is not a one-off trend. Investing in one of these embroidered bags will bring you a long way. They’ve be in vogue since our grandmother’s era where traditional woven bags with intricate embellishments were on every lady’s clothing rack. The classic flap bag structure of this Straw Chain Bag also exudes a timeless elegance, making it easy to incorporate into your day to night outfits.


Funky shapes

Woven Pattern Lips Wicker Vintage Clutch in Red

Afraid coming off as too flashy with garish tones and funky shapes? Try toning it down with textures. The interlocking wicker pattern mediates the in-your-face factor that comes with loud colours.



Pom Pom Straw Tote

Perk up your granny straw bags with pompom accents. Whisk yourself back to the past with this Pom Pom Straw Tote. An adorable combination between old elements from different generations, this makes a great gift for anyone regardless of age.


Social media’s classic

Agate Acrylic Ark 

Although not made of straw or any of those natural fibres, this Acrylic Ark bag by Cult Gaia all over your Instagrams (as seen here and here) mimics the design of a woodsy handbag. Just scroll through Cult Gaia’s Instagram and see how versatile it is with countless posts featuring this Acrylic Ark Bag.



Header image courtesy of Cult Gaia



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