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Stay Rooted – 5 Ways to Style Grown Out Hair

Stay Rooted – 5 Ways to Style Grown Out Hair


Millimetres, centimetres and inches of jet-black roots are slowly but stealthily making its way out to the world. And we can’t do anything about it because we cannot possibly go against our genetically prescribed DNA. It’s an endless cycle that can only be put to an end with a box of black hair dye off the shelves of our Watsons or Guardians. Rather than the constant frustration over the harsh and unsightly contrast between the chemically dyed strands and the dark au naturel strands, why not embrace your Asian genes and accept the inevitable?

Highlights, balayage and oil slick hair – they’ve all been tried and tested but none of them have escaped the unfaltering clutches of pesky black roots. Let’s face it, making an appointment at the hair salon every two months is a strain on our bank account. Looking good comes at a cost but the vain freak in us can literally get to the root of this problem by giving these hairstyles a go!

Boxer braids

You could say that Kim Kardashian patented this tough punk look. Braids are undeniably versatile and nothing beats the double Dutch braids when it comes to pulling off the fierce yet cool style. As complicated as this looks, it cannot get any easier than this.

Start off by parting your hair down the centre. Taking one half of your hair, begin with the Dutch braid. Repeat the same on the other half and you are literally ready to scoot off on a Harley Davidson bike.

Milkmaid braids

For an elegant and ethereal look, wrap your hair up in milkmaid braids and maybe you’ll carry a tinge of Greek Goddess Athena’s vibe. This look is perfectly fitting for social events as well as bohemian festivals!

First, part your hair in two halves and continue with a Dutch braid on both sides. Next, pull each braid into a U-shaped hoop and pin them down at the crown of your head. You can go for a delicate finish by curling a few loose pieces of hair at the front.


‘You don’t say, right…’ A bandana is literally the cover-up for those nasty black roots. Any pattern or design works as it will draw the attention away from your 3-month old roots. Keep your hair up in a low ponytail or a messy bun for that effortless look. Easy peasy!


Although pulling your hair back in a high ponytail will make those black roots more obvious than ever, the contrast actually makes for an eccentric appearance. If braids aren’t feasible for you, the ponytail is the easiest thing you could do with your hair – even 4-year-olds could do it without any struggle!

Space Buns

Unusual is what you would term space buns as because how often do you see people wearing this look? Although the different hair tones appear unsightly, this quirky hairstyle overrules all judgement. Each bun itself segregates off the black from the bleached, giving it its unique touch.



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