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The ‘Revenge Body’ Might Not Be That Perfect After All

The ‘Revenge Body’ Might Not Be That Perfect After All


Revenge is a concept visited by many of us, and whether we execute it or not, that’s a different case.

The ‘Revenge Body’ came to life recently, largely thanks to the new reality series by a Kardashian. In this series, Khloe Kardashian mentors and helps the contestants to have the perfect revenge body.

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However, this whole idea of the revenge body is not new. Remember a time when your best friend would tell you to show your exes what they are missing out on. Many of us would have come across these words, be it on television or from your friend or you have said it yourself.

Vanity Fair wrote an article defining this ‘new’ term, since we are all obsessed with naming everything phenomenon. For those who prefer to hear the definition from a dictionary, urban dictionary has kindly provided us with one as well, in their own words and flair.

Well, some of us would think that this revenge body can be inspiring and empowering. i mean, what could go wrong with working towards to make yourself almost like our favourite Instagram #fitspo.

Let me provide a different perspective to this equation.

Being driven by haters and having the motivation to make yourself better is definitely a positive. However, where are we going with this motivation?

The intention to become just like the social media model we follow can be harming in some ways. Firstly, we are fueling the beauty standard that sometimes can be taken to another level.

If we are all pushing towards the idea that all body types are beautiful, this ‘revenge body’ concept might be a step backwards. Ashley Graham would be disappointed with us.

While having the motivation to better yourself is commendable, trying to become that similar standard of hotness would only be detrimental to others.

In the show itself, the idea is to lose the weight so that the others would be amazed and feel like they have wronged you in some way or another. This low key highlights the fact that we need to lose weight in order to show what they are missing out on.


Via E! Online

What about the fact that my personality and my self-confidence is something they should miss too?

As Khloe would say in her show, “revenge is a dish best served hot.”

This pushes the fact that we need to be hot in order to achieve something. In this case, the attention of our exes.

The issue would lie in the idea that we have to a certain type of hot and that hot is that specific beauty standard which I have mention previously.

That also highlights the idea of the superficiality of people and how we gain the attention.

“Looks aren’t everything”, that is what we have been told before. But clearly, it is not a message the media likes to tell us. Tinder should just sponsor this show.

However, all is not negative. Getting better, fitter, stronger like the Kanye West song, is definitely great. Our confidence is sometimes directly proportionate to the way we look and feel.

So if this makes you feel flawless and walk like the contestants on RuPaul drag race, I say go for it.

We all have our little pick me ups, and while we are inclined to take on this revenge body concept, beware of the intention and the goal you are trying to achieve and show off.

I mean, we all love to show off our achievements in one way on another, Instagram and Facebook seems to the popular choice.

Make the change but not change according to the pressure of the societal standards.


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