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Overnight Hacks to Save Time in the Morning

Overnight Hacks to Save Time in the Morning


Always running late or having to wake up really early to avoid being late? We understand how mornings can be a struggle, especially when you’re rushing to get to school or work on time. Here are some overnight hacks that you can try to save yourself some time in the morning, and maybe even get more beauty sleep!


Overnight Oats

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but we never seem to have time to prepare a full, hearty meal to start off our mornings. One easy way to solve this is to prepare overnight oats and leave them in the fridge while you sleep, ready to be consumed when you wake up. It’s nutritional and doesn’t cost too much, nor take much effort to make. For those of us who aren’t chefs, this is pretty much a full-proof plan!

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Put your hair into braids or space buns

Instead of curling your hair in the morning, save time by doing it the night before! Put your hair into pigtail braids, or space buns, and sleep on it! You’ll be greeted with effortless waves when you unravel your hair the next day.

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Dry Shampoo

If you know you’re not going to have time to wash your hair in the morning, spray some dry shampoo into your hair the night before! This is actually a highly recommended way of using dry shampoo as it gives the product enough time to absorb oil from our scalp. It also helps to avoid the problem of having a white cast on your head because of the dry shampoo.


Plan your outfit the night before

Rather than searching through your wardrobe in the morning for the perfect outfit, be organized and plan your outfits. It always helps to check the weather forecast for the next day so that you’ll be prepared for rainy weather.


Overnight facial and lip masks

To wake up with smooth and hydrated skin, be sure to moisturize the night before with the help of an overnight facial mask. Overnight masks are a fuss-free option for those who can’t be bothered to wait for their masks to set and wash them off after. Just be sure to wash the mask off when you wake up in the morning! Our lips also require some TLC, so don’t forget to moisturize them too. All of this creates a ready canvas for you to apply makeup.

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