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Out of Cash? Fun Free Things to Do

Out of Cash? Fun Free Things to Do


The common end to a discussion on whether money can buy happiness is “If you think money can’t buy happiness, transfer it into my account”. But what does the person really mean when he articulates this over-used dialogue? He is probably trying to articulate his notion of how there are smaller things in life that can make your day, week or even your year! Some of these things are priceless!

Does a good hair day make you happy? Or does the thought of a Panda doing a summersault make you happy? Have you ever felt great to be around friends after a long day? If you are bored at home watching a movie or just lazing on your sofa with your folks because you can’t spend money for an expensive dinner, then let us help you find free fun things to do in Singapore and how you can make the most of it.

1. View Singapore from ION Orchard Sky Park

The very anticipated ION’s Sky Park is 218 meters from ground level, 56 floors into the sky, and gives you a sensational 360-degree view of the entire city between the clouds. Many people who visit also pose and take selfies with the decorations on the floor.

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Fun Fact: The Singapore Flyer is only 165 meters high while the ION Sky Park is higher and it is completely free.

2. Hike at Mount Faber

When someone says ‘hiking’, you would probably think it has something to do with a long distanced weary walk. Normally, working out and exercising isn’t too pleasing, but walking is not such a distress when you are walking for the captivating view. The hike starts from the Marang Trail, goes west to the Faber Walk and the Forest Walk and ends at the Canopy Walk. The Mount Faber hike to HortPark and Southern Ridges is the most appealing hike in Singapore. Take out a Sunday this month to go healthy!

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3. Yishun Dam (Lower Seletar Reservoir)

The Yishun Dam is in a cloistered sector of Yishun, unexplored by many Singaporeans. The Lower Seletar Reservoir is also one of the only 10 spots in Singapore where fishing is legal. It has a beautiful walkway for exercising and photographing fanatics. The 3.3-hectare park is breezy and scenic, accessible by car and bus. You can also enjoy a homely barbecue dinner with your family in the park. If you enjoy water activities, you can also get boats on rentals. The Singapore Dragon Boat festival is coming up this May – Don’t forget to practice! A must-go place for all nature lovers!

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4. Esplanade: Roof Garden

Tired of the same old East Coast Park and West Coast Park strolls? Esplanade’s roof garden is one of the top romantic picnic spots in Singapore. When the entire city is sleeping, Marina Bay is all glittered up with the fascinating lights. Go have an evening with your significant other under the stars, watching the alluring skyline.

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5. Haw Par Villa

If you like history, heritage, and antiquity, Haw Par Villa in Pasir Panjang is the place you are looking for. It is one of the few historical theme parks in Singapore, built in 1937 and renovated in 1986.
Haw Par Villa, also known as the Tiger balm Garden is a theme park which depicts Chinese values through statues, plays, puppet shows which are organized there. Take a family day out and learn more about your country’s heritage!

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