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Our Bralette Club


Bralettes are all the rage nowadays, so today we’ll be introducing you to “Our Bralette Club”. Our Bralette Club (OBC) first started on Shopee and they’ve recently moved onto their own site due to increasing popularity.

If you’re not already in the loop, bralettes work the same way as a bra, except that they rarely come with both underwire and padding, hence they’re much more comfortable.

With various intricate designs, you’ll be able to style bralettes with low-cut and sheer clothing, allowing you to show them off at the same time.

At OBC, they believe in providing bralettes for everyone and that girls should never have to give up comfort in order to look their best. They’ve even created a guide here to explain more about the functionalities of a bralette.

If you like what you see, these are part of the OBCLASSICS collection that were launched just last month! Head over to OBC  to check out their latest collection of satin bralettes as well as more lace designs.

Quote “foxyobc8” to get 8% off your purchase!

*Discount code expires on 31 July 2017


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