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No Need for Secondhand Thoughts with REFASH

No Need for Secondhand Thoughts with REFASH


So, here’s the story of how we stumbled upon REFASH — a unique retail store that makes secondhand shopping not feel like a macklemore song.

One day with nothing planned, I visited City Plaza to dapao the famous Arnold’s chicken for a late lunch. I went to the third floor of the building – for kicks, y’know – and browsed through the stores along the corridors. Not bad, I thought, but nothing caught my eye much.

Just when I was about to leave, I caught a glimpse of a dimly lit room at one end of an aisle. Curious, I pressed on. What greeted me was a spacious, warm room with exposed lightbulb lighting and a catchy indie tune emitting from the speakers. About two customers are slowly perusing through the racks. REFASH, the name of the store displayed. My eyes skimmed over the labels atop the racks.

Topshop. Forever 21. H&M. MDS. Miss Selfridge. Love Bonito. The Tinsel Rack. Zara.

At which point, I noticed a romper from H&M that caught my attention the other day at the ION branch. Ahh, that’s nice, I thought. I went forth to check the price – as price-conscious me always do first when I shop.

Oh my gooood!” I squealed loudly. That pretty romper was going for almost half of the retail price I saw that day!

I left City Plaza that day the proud owner of said romper, but my interest has been piqued. Apparently, I stumbled upon an open secret that is Refash, and I had to know more about this treasure trove.

And so, I present to you my findings on REFASH, where fast fashion takes second wind.


810 Geylang Road #03-130, City Plaza.

REFASH. Redefining secondhand fashion onto a plane of tastefulness and timeliness. Growing from its roots as a mobile app in September 2015, their first physical store at City Plaza has since expanded to POMO Mall and The Cathay too. We applaud its efforts in offering a medium for women to experience secondhand fashion in a novel way.

Its two-way process is simple:
As a seller, you sell your clothes on their platforms, either online or at their physical store. Depending on the amount you manage to sell, you can get up to 70% worth of the money collected. Once the sales start coming in, you receive your payment within 3 working days.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.52.11 pm

As a buyer, you can scour their mobile app or physical store for trendy apparels that can go up to 40% of their original retail price. Most of the time, the stocks are constantly updated so that you will never come across anything out of trend (colored skinny jeans, anyone?). If you’re lucky enough, you can even find previously sold out items from your favourite FF stores over here. Imagine that!

Of course, not any piece of clothing is allowed to go on the Refash inventory. They are subjected to a selection process whereby the crew decides whether or not your haul caters to their audiences.
(So don’t bother putting up the scrubby ‘Little Miss’ Tees you got when you were twelve!)

refash app

Their app store displays how many percent off the original price you get from each piece. 

And I suppose, the business model is working because only three months after its inception, this start-up has sold over 20,000 pieces.

Their success is drawn from the factors that surround Refash’s concept — secondhand clothes looking good as new on the models that are exhibited in neat panels on their e-commerce site/mobile app. Be pleasantly surprised when you realize some of their items still have the original tags intact. Further illustrating their stylistic leanings, they even have sub-categories put up under ‘Marketplace Edits’ that sort out the clothes according to looks like ‘Clothes That Work’ or ‘Basic Essentials’ (pictured below).

refash basic essentials

refash workwear

Ultimately, REFASH’s circular model sates the shopaholic dream of Singaporean females: converting unwanted apparels to cash, and using that cash to procure low-cost, trendy outfits – all on the very same platform.


Visit http://www.refash.sg or download their app for browsing or selling. 

Their headquarters is located at 810 Geylang Road #03-130 Singapore 409286, City Plaza.

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