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New Cover Released – The Apex Project

New Cover Released – The Apex Project


The Apex Project is a local A Cappella group that perform pop/jazz musics with a theatrical twist. Since its inception in 2016, the group won the championship title at the 2016 National A Cappella Championships in Singapore and Jury’s Choice Award at the Vocal Asia Festival’s Asian A Cappella Cup. They are looking forward to represent Singapore in many more upcoming competitions overseas. Foxesden had an exclusive interview with the Apex project and you will be surprised to find out some interesting facts about the group! Last but not least, check out their latest cover on the “Evolution A*mei” at end of this article and stay tune for their new EP in July 2017!

1. Whats the inspiration behind the band name?

The Apex Project: We were throwing out words in the process of picking a band name and some of us came up with really intriguing ones (which you wouldn’t want to know) and eventually we decided to use “The Apex Project”. Apex represents the pinnacle of what we’re trying to achieve and adding the word “project” at the back represents the constant state of wanting to surpass our own heights.

2. Describe your journey as a band.

The Apex Project: It all started when Cheeyang came back from New York with the desire to create something out of what he learnt during his five years living in the U.S. In the process of determining our configuration we were switching between five and seven people, and we started our own YouTube channel too. We’re constantly being pushed and challenged, and we’ve been working non-stop for the whole year — through competitions and generating YouTube content. It’s only been a year, but we’ve won the Champion title at the Singapore Acappella Championship 2016 and the Jury’s Special Prize at Vocal Asia Festival 2016 in Taiwan, and we hope to represent Singapore again this year at various overseas competitions. We’ve also been writing and recording our own music and will be releasing our very own ADAM EP in July 2017.

3. Tell me more about your music. What inspires the band?

The Apex Project: The stories that we tell through our music are mostly inspired by personal experiences or events that we’ve come across in our everyday lives that we can relate to, or feel strongly about. Other sources of inspiration also include musicians, musicals, films, poems, songs or people that we love. In translating what we’ve gathered from our inspiration to our work, we try to incorporate every member’s traits in our original songs, like through lyrics, vibes, genre or visual imagery.

Music is the constant that’s been in our lives throughout every season that we come across and in the same way we believe that we can be there for other people when they listen to our music and hopefully we will impact people the same way music has impacted us.

4. What makes this group unique?

The Apex Project: This group is unique because we’re quite different. We all have different tastes in music and nobody would imagine us to end up forming a group together, much less an acappella group. It’s an interesting mash up of personalities and you can hear it through our music but the best part is we still blend in spite of our differences. We’re also pretty gay.

5. Tell us more about the new cover that you have just produced?

The Apex Project: This cover is the Evolution of A*Mei; a medley and mash up of songs sang by A*mei, the Mandopop scene’s equivalent of Beyonce, all the way from 1996 till 2007 before her release of her AMIT album. It is meaningful to us because all of us (except Kevin, who’s Indonesian) listened to her since we were kids and creating this cover is like taking a trip back to our childhood. This cover is especially meaningful to Jean as A*Mei’s songs helped her to get through the time when she had no friends during primary school.

6. where will the band be in the next 3-5 years? (Do you plan to make your own music? etc.)

The Apex Project: For now we are focusing on releasing our EP and coming up with an immersive theatrical experience as an extension of our EP, with a storyline that people from all walks of life can relate to in their own ways. Hopefully in 3-5 years we would have more people to share our work with and we do dream about touring in America and bringing a slice of Singapore to them through our music.

7. what is one message you like to share with aspiring bands/artistes?

The Apex Project: Be prepared and learn your music before rehearsal.



Don’t miss out! The Apex project will be performing LIVE this Saturday at the Singapore Expo NEXT Music Festival.
Event: NEXT Music Festival
Where: Max Atria, Singapore Expo Singapore EXPO #02-01, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150
Time: 29th April 2017, 12:30p.m-1:30p.m
Ticket Information: SISTIC


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