Home Beauty The Never Ending Cycle of K-Beauty: K-Beauty Showcase 2017
The Never Ending Cycle of K-Beauty: K-Beauty Showcase 2017

The Never Ending Cycle of K-Beauty: K-Beauty Showcase 2017


The success of the Korean Wave wouldn’t have been possible without K-Beauty that produces instantaneous hit trends, products and hairstyles. Over the weekend, numerous up-and-coming brands such as Cosrx, Labiotte and Mediheal were featured at the K-Beauty Showcase 2017, organised by MillaC – a newly launched shop under Lazada.sg that sells the hottest K-Beauty selections. Although we have The Face Shop, Innisfree and Etude House planted at almost every shopping centre in Singapore, the adventurous beauty guru in us will find it difficult to source for new yet affordable stores for convenient and hassle-free shopping. Don’t fret, as MillaC has brought in over 60 K-Beauty brands to soothe our thirst for Korean skincare and makeup!

When it comes to smooth and flawless complexion, Korean actresses and idols immediately come into our mind. The showcase started off with a live makeup demonstration by Hye Min, who’s also Song Ji Hyo’s makeup artist from Jenny House – one of South Korea’s premier beauty salons frequented by celebrity artists such as Park Shin Hye, Han Ji Min and Lee Min Jung.

Hye Min shared handy tips as to how to achieve the perfect Korean look and transformed a regular elementary school teacher into a K-pop star! Many people love to go all out with full coverage foundation but Korean beauty is all about translucent and glowy skin so Hye Min stressed that we should go in with a light hand and blend it out in thin layers.

Everyone knew that the highlight of this makeup demo was going to begin when Hye Min whipped out a lighter from her makeup counter. Curling our eyelashes always starts and ends with an ordinary eyelash curler so never would anyone have thought that fire would be involved. She heated up a thin wooden stick and brushed against the lashes, ensuring that they are tightly curled and long-lasting. This is not for makeup beginners – if you have the slightest worry of burning your eyelashes, Hye Min recommends to stick to your regular curler instead!

Only a handful are blessed with naturally beautiful locks but there’s nothing to be jealous of here because Hair Plus Korean Salon shared some hairstyling 101 tips for three simple yet elegant hairdos that can be styled under 10 minutes! Hair Plus’ senior hairstylist, Yuna Jeong, demonstrated three looks, the C-Curl, Korean natural curl and a sweet up-do, which can be easily achieved by anyone. Before diving into some hairstyling action, Yuna prepped the model’s hair with a heat protectant cream to prevent further damage caused by heated hair tools. She emphasised the importance of protecting your hair, especially if your hair has been chemically dyed, bleached and permed before.

For the first look, Yuna completed it in the blink of an eye. Trust me, I’m not lying here. The model went from straight, blown-dry hair to C-Curls in a mere few seconds under Yuna’s skilled hands! She split the hair into smaller sections before going in with the hair straightener. The middle section of hair was straightened while the tips were curled inwards to give off that sweet vibe that’s perfect for the younger crowd.

For those seeking voluminous curls, the second look is for you. Yuna mentioned that inward curls typically give off a youthful look while outward curls make you a little goddess-like. There is no hidden trick for this look as all you need is a hair curler and twist ahead! If the curls are too tight for your liking, Yuna recommends brushing it through with a large comb to loosen it up.

Building on the second look, Yuna coiled a piece of hair from each side and tied it together with a small rubber band. She then continued to refine this hairstyle by wrapping the rubber band with a few strands of hair and fastened it with a trusty bobby pin. By the end of the hair demonstration, the model was gracing the stage with elegance! These 3 hairstyles are effortlessly beautiful so give it a go and you might just end up surprising your partner for your next date!



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