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Neon Lights Festival 2016: Day 1 Highlights

Neon Lights Festival 2016: Day 1 Highlights


Neon Lights Festival – the up-and-coming indie music festival second year running that has grown wildly popular among Singaporeans, just happened today. It is the place to go to if you’re looking for great live music lined up concurrently; and one after another. It is known for spotlighting cutting edge indie/alternative artists both locally and internationally. Despite the heavy downpour, crowds of music lovers turned up with high spirits, ready to soak in the good vibes by their favourite music artistes.

Here are our highlights for day 1:

1. Lucy Rose

Due to the downpour, the sound system went down for about a good 15 minutes. However, loyal fans waited patiently for Lucy Rose to enter the stage. Lucy charmed the audience with her melodic voice and down-to-earth character. The crowd sang along to her songs such as “Shiver”, “Cover Up” and “Like An Arrow”, whom Lucy claimed that she didn’t think it would be that hard to sing live when she was writing the song.

2. Gentle Bones

Not new to the local music scene, Gentle Bones was off to a rocky start for his performance but he picked it back up by belting out his powerful vocals to “Until We Die” and “Shifting Over”. It is unquestionable as to why Gentle Bones attracted a huge crowd to the main stage at Fort Green – doing local proud indeed. But the true star of the show, in our opinion, is Josh Wei, who juggled between the violin, synthesiser and percussion.


DJ SBTRKT mixed for an hour to probably one of the most hyped out crowd of the day. People like me who chose to follow and join the huge crowd around the stage at Fort Gate were rewarded with his insanely sick beats that energised even the most exhausted of festival-goers.

4. Fans soldiering on through the rain

That’s right, it’s you guys who were there for the festival, in all its damp and dankness. In all honesty, before coming to Neon Lights, I couldn’t have imagined myself dancing in the rain and walking around with a mud mask all over my feet. As soon as the rain hit the park at 3pm, I started to doubt if this was the best idea. Music and mud just don’t mix. But what came as a surprise was that the crowd still came in like a wave. Everyone seemed perfectly alright, even having fun, tromping around in mud with a poncho over their heads, which honestly did not help much. This experience has definitely taught me that Singaporean music lovers are pretty legitimate and they make one hell of an audience.


Of course, the party never ends at the Neon Lights Festival. Click here for Day 2 highlights.

Or watch our experience at Neon Lights below:

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