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National Day: The Perfect Red Lip

National Day: The Perfect Red Lip


It’s August, which means we are smack dab in the middle of summer.

That seasonal fact holds little to no significance to Singaporeans due to our year round tropical climate making our weather synonymous with heat, humidity and hell. Therefore, unlike those residing in countries that experience multiple seasons, we associate the month of August with that one event that blesses us with the glory of paid leave, an elaborate firework display and the pride of a nation.


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National Day.

August 9th is just around the corner, and a sudden urge to exhibit even the slightest hint of patriotism may be coursing through your veins as the red and white of our national flag steadily decorates every aspect of our little red dot – from buildings to public transport. And lucky for us incorporating red into our look for National Day will never be as fun as it will be this 2017, thanks to the vibrant shade of red and all its hues making a tremendous comeback earlier in the year. What better way to put the finishing touches to your national day get up than with a bold, red lip!

Getting with the programme of celebrating our nation and its people, here are our top picks of local make up lines for that Cheryl-Blossom-esque red lip.

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Inga is founded by veteran make up artist, Marie Soh, who is also the mind behind 27A Co. Inga offers various shades of lipsticks specifically tailored to the red and yellow undertones of the Asian skin tone.

Marie popped by our headquarters recently, armed with her vast knowledge on make-up, to give the ladies of Foxesden a little make over for our upcoming Feature Friday video. At the end of the shoot, every lip in the room was coloured in the creamy, easy to apply formula that was Inga lipsticks. If you’ve had better luck winning the lottery than finding the perfect red lip that suits you, Inga may have just the shades you’re looking for!

Inga cosmetics are currently available online at www.ingacosmetics.com





While lending a helping hand to her mother’s business, Aqilah Adan was compelled to join the beauty trade. Thus she began channeling her creativity and personality into a single project: Tulips.

The lipstick line aims to be as versatile as possible, catering to wide range of skin tones and age groups. Foxesden was lucky enough to receive Tulips’ matte lippies in the shade Blood Orange. We gave it a whirl and fell in love with the vibrant shade immediately! Despite being an incredibly fast drying formula, it is make-out session ready as it does not smudge. In addition, its powdery finish makes it perfect for pursing your lips in disdain over train delays. 

Tulips liquid matte lipsticks are currently available on Instagram @tu.lips_

Be sure to look out for our National Day giveaway of Tulip’s Blood Orange on our Instagram and Facebook page!





When Amira Geneic decided to set out on a quest to merge beauty and faith, Zahara was birthed into the world of make-up and cosmetics. Zahara is tailored to their target audience of Muslim women, henceforth it a halal cosmetics line. Zahara’s matte lippies are said to have great coverage and have minimal transfer, but they do crinkle the slightest bit.

Zahara cosmetics are currently available at www.zahara.com


With this power trio guiding you, it’s time to celebrate this little red dot’s birthday with that perfect red lip!



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