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When Everyone Says The Mummy Is Bad But You Still Want To Watch it

When Everyone Says The Mummy Is Bad But You Still Want To Watch it



Never mind what the pretentious critics and amateurs say (maybe me too). Read this before you watch The Mummy.

Why I Watched It

The franchise before this 2017 film was golden. Especially since the 1999 film, The Mummy has romanticized and popularized the legend of this iconic Halloween monster with great visuals, terrifying creatures from the Egyptian underworld and exciting adventure. Think drowning in flesh eating scarab beetles, and Rick and Evelyn sharing a kiss in the sunset. It was my childhood and I was in awe of the legend as well as the adventure.

We decided to watch this movie because my mummy wanted to (heh). One friend said it was alright. The rest of the world were like “oh it’s trash”. But why? They did not explain much. So we watched it anyway.

If you’re a fan like me you’d understand why we spent money on a film that doesn’t look promising.

Here’s a few remarks I have for you if you’re still contemplating the movie (for a date night or group outing):

The biggest selling point of this show for you is either The Mummy franchise itself or Tom Cruise. Or his dashing looks.

For people who are fans of the star, you might think to yourself that the movie wasted a talent. Recent sources have revealed that it might have been Cruise himself who ruined the film itself. You can read about it here

The acting isn’t bad.

a. No one doubts Cruise’s acting abilities.
b. Annabelle Wallis was alright as the female chick to the protagonist (sorry feminists but her character Jennifer isn’t as strong and developed as Evelyn was)
c. Jake Johnson, starred in New Girl, brings his simple-minded yet quirky personality to his sidekick role.
d. Sofia Boutella, whom you may remember from Kingsman or Star Trek Beyond, has this mesmerizing charm which makes her suitable for the Egyptian princess role. Kind of reminded of Rita Ora.

The screenplay seems to take little effort.

The lines are simple. They spell the whole story out for you. The plot is basic, convenient and expectable. Aside from Russel Crowe’s character. That was uncalled for. It’s like the makers decided to throw random references just to grow the horrific idea of the mummy. Like tossing a salad into another salad.

Comic Relief?

And speaking of references, if you know parody as a literary technique, you could pass this movie off as a parody of an assortment of films. Think The Mummy, Shaun of the Dead, love stories etc. The characters say lines that remind you of clichés and corny movies. But it was funny. Sometimes the story don’t make sense. I think they saved themselves a little with comedy, delivered by the interactions between Johnson’s character and the others. Read this.


They have jump scares.

Cheap thrills, if you are into that.


If you choose to watch The Mummy, which is perfectly fine, don’t go in with high expectations. You might just shake your head and laugh it off at the end. As a first of its Dark Universe series, better to watch it to understand the greater picture. Stay tune for Universal Picture’s subsequent movies. Unless this one has already screwed it up for you.


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