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Lookbook: Vintagewknd

Lookbook: Vintagewknd


From high-waisted pants to crop tops and pinups, vintage clothes have been coming back into fashion these days.
Meticulously handpicked by the owners themselves, Vintagewknd curates vintage clothes from different parts of the world that are affordable and not too over the top. Founded by the power duo Eileen and Eden, the brand has been making good progress on Carousell since 2015.

On a shoot with the couple, we find out why they like vintage clothes and why they choose to sell these apparels.
Limited edition and one of a kind, if you like what you see, do remember to check them out!


Why do you love vintage clothing?

I love the vintage style for its classic silhouettes and colourful prints. The best thing about vintage is that because it covers a wide time period, there are just so many looks you can try, from the flapper feathers of the 20s to the bucket hat of the 80s (which has incidentally made a comeback)!

A real highlight for me personally would be shopping for the vintage clothes. When I travel, I always love to go through thrift and vintage stores, partly because I love me a good bargain (so Singaporean?) and I get super excited when I find something pretty amidst all the ‘junk’! But usually that involves me sneezing for hours in a dusty thrift store, at which point most people abandon me (except for my dear partner Eden). There are only a few thrift stores in Singapore sadly, so I do my thrift shopping overseas. Vintage boutiques here are usually way out of my budget.

That is why we decided to start Vintagewknd – we wanted to introduce to everyone to the amazing gems you can find in thrift and vintage stores but without the hassle of having to comb a physically store, with quality assured and at an affordable price!

What are your style inspirations?

It kind of varies depending on my mood! I usually pick out prints, colours or a silhouette that calls out to me, I have very varied tastes. My favourite styles for vintage fashion includes 40s rockabilly/pinup, 50-60s tailored style/old hollywood glam, 70s bohemian style. Maybe James Dean Audrey Hepburn? 😉

I stock mostly 50s-70s era dresses, blouses and skirts for Vintagewknd, as those are usually the most friendly for modern wear, not too over-the-top and costume-y, but still unique.

If you could be in one outfit forever, what would it be?

Vintage ripped boyfriend highwaist jeans paired with a printed vintage blouse and sneakers. Everyday.

Be sure to check them out at their upcoming event!

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