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How To Look Great In Anything

How To Look Great In Anything


So many clothes yet don’t know what to wear? Guilty of splurging so much on clothes but still uninspired? Here are 10 timeless pieces that you may have missed out to make dressing up a piece of cake. And learn the art of mixing and matching up your clothes with these essentials!

1. Basic white tee

Ideal for any day and most occasions, it is a go-to piece for most occasions. Pick the ones that have softer and lighter material.

2. Button down white shirt

Roll up your sleeves for a more masculine look. This white shirt is often overlooked. Pair with shorts or jeans on a casual day or a pencil skirt for office days.


3. Sweat shirt

Perfect for ‘sweater weather’, an oversized sweatshirt can be easily matched with a pair of jeans or leggings. Not to mention, super comfy as well.

4. Black dress

Black dresses are a versatile and definite must-have in your closet. Accessorise it up and you’re good to go for a party. Put on some heels and you’re ready for work. For a casual day out, put on some sneakers and you’re done. “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress” -Karl Lagerfeld

5. Romper

This chic one piece outfit is great for sunny days. While it may get a little trickier when going to the bathroom, a romper is awesome when you’re uninspired or just lazy to match your clothes.

6. Denim jacket

This versatile jacket will get you anywhere and it can be paired with almost anything! Does wonders to tone down heavily printed clothes.

7. Shorts

No matter high waisted, low waisted or mid waisted, this is a staple in every closet for sunny Singapore. Throw on a cute t-shirt and some sandals and you’re good to go.  Believe it or not shorts can be  classy too, not just casual.

8. Jeans

Wardrobe staple of the century, well-fitted jeans. Period. Simple, casual and functional, just like your denim jacket. Get a darker shade of jeans to achieve a slimmer look for your legs.

9. Black blazer

You can never go wrong with this black blazer. Play around with different accessories to achieve different looks, flattering for most body types.

10. Pencil skirt

This skirt gives a professional and clean look for work. For a night out, put on a leather or denim jacket to give it some edgy vibes paired with a pair of pumps or heels.

It actually doesn’t matter what you wear, you just have to be confident wearing it.


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