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Inexpensive ways to keep your wardrobe looking expensive

Inexpensive ways to keep your wardrobe looking expensive


Notice how your precious metals and crystals don’t shine like they used to? Or how unsightly splotches are starting to form on the underarm areas of your to-go basics? Yes and yes? It’s time to start keeping your statement pieces in its pristine state before it’s too late. Cleaning up isn’t as cumbersome as you imagine it to typically be. Although jewellery tend to be small in size, they still do collect dirt and filth. If your bands are made of white gold or platinum, thick lotions and creams you smear all over your hands can cause them to discolour and turn cloudy. Not to worry, all you need are items you can find in your kitchen and you’re ready to start polishing. Your neglected bijouterie will be back in tip-top condition!



Leigh Miller Gold Plated Necklace

Don’t let your stale old beer go to waste. All you need is to pour a tablespoon (or so) of beer onto a piece of soft cloth and gently rub your gold accessories with it. Dry with a fresh piece of cloth. The alcohol in the beer is an effective solution, quite literally, to eliminating bacteria and dirt on your precious metals. Do note this only works with genuine golds and silvers as well as titanium, tungsten and stainless steel.



Sophie Buhai Arp Earrings

Smooth over the tarnished portions of your silver with a small squeeze of ketchup. If there are many nooks and spaces in between the interlocking silvers, try using a toothbrush to apply the ketchup instead. The high acidity percentage in ketchup helps remove unwanted grit and dirt, leaving your jewellery sparkling like before. Remember to take it off after a few minutes.



Anthropologie Antiqued Mirror Drops

Crack open some Vodka and wipe your crystals down with it. Simply soak a paper napkin into some Vodka and rub off its flaws. With its corrosive properties, all grime and dirt particles will be removed. A plus-point to this fuss-free method is that it works with both fake and real crystals. Be it Forever 21 trinkets or Tiffany & Co. rings, they’ll look as good as new.


White Vinegar

Beyond The Vines White Top

In the mucky climate of June, it’s doesn’t take long for you to look like you just ran a marathon when all you did was finish putting your face on for the new day. Your crisp new shirts (oh yes, GSS) will probably end up looking like a damp mess in no time. Fret not, keep those perspiration stains away with white vinegar! Not any other sort of vinegar, make sure to use white vinegar only. Coloured vinegar will aggravate the patch by leaving behind coloured stains. Simply turn your shirt inside and out and pat a teaspoon to 1/2 a tablespoon amount of white vinegar onto the patch you wish to remove. For heightened effectiveness, grab an old toothbrush and gently scrub the vinegar into the stain. Leave it to be for a quick 15-25 minutes and rinse it in warm water after.





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