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In Full Bloom ft. Rachel Mak

In Full Bloom ft. Rachel Mak

foxesden wants to uncover what it is that essentially drives a woman’s style. Our weekly feature of the Singaporean woman is our attempt at cumulating a collective story behind every trend and fad, a story that is timeless and identifiable. 

Somewhere behind the thick blanketing curtains the sun is setting, but we wouldn’t know. It’s dark, save for the projector in the corner, humming itself to death as we sit on the bed. It is unbearably warm and we are exhausted. I looked over at Rachel, she glances over. We giggled awkwardly. In that instant, I knew it was going down. One thing led to another and before we realised it, we were chatting like old friends and laughing about things I didn’t know to be funny. This is perhaps the quintessential charm and beauty that is Rachel Mak.

It all started when we were watching Bounce Squad x Joshua’s recently released music video, Murda. Midway through we couldn’t help but notice some of the most glorious hair flips we’ve seen in awhile ( it puts Willow to shame). In that instant we knew we had to meet her. She graciously accepted.


Who is Rachel Mak?

I am currently a full time model, been modelling since I was 15, but things really picked up after the Newpaper Newface competition.

Tell us about your style

Well, I wear a lot of black, and I pick comfort above all. I don’t spend much on clothes, I like to buy cheap clothes from America, Australia and Thailand. You don’t need expensive clothes.


Usual Beauty regime/Makeup look?

If I could, I wouldn’t put on any makeup. Usually just mascara, and eyebrows are a must.

So, We recently saw you in a music video.

Joshua Simon? I was just helping behind the scenes with makeup. He asked me if I wanted to be in his video. He told me to just move and groove according to the song. The edits turned out really trippy and cool.


Are we going to see more of you?

Sezairi’s music video for the single Fire to the Floor coming up. Maybe Disco Hue too?

So you’re going to be like the new music video girl?

Yeah, I don’t know about that but it’s fun.


Any specific type of music?

I’m more of electro, punk rock and hard rock kinda girl.

What is the modelling scene like?

It was much better initially when I started. Budgets have been cut tremendously so it kinda sucks. Its kind of tough for the industry now but which industry isn’t right?


Any advice?

Build your portfolio, get as much exposure as possible. Have different kind of styles as possible

When I was younger, I rejected a lot of opportunities that I should not have because of studies and everything. But if I haven’t rejected them, I would probably be in a different place now.

When I was primary 5, Mediacorp contacted me to act in a drama but I turned them down because I was too shy and nervous. But I should have, because it could have led me to singing, which is something that I like to do.


What are the modelling gigs that help you springboard your career?

There was one that I flew to Florida for 4 days, getting to travel on the job is the best. I shot in KL as well, for NTUC Income Singapore. That was fun. More recently, I did a shoot for samsung, I was up in the air with a harness tied on me. I had to pretend that I was in a sitting pose and using the phone.

In terms of modelling, what is your dream gig?

I think the industry in Singapore has a lot more room for diversity, and not just in modelling, but with acting and singing too. We could definitely utilise our talents a whole lot better. It would great if that change happens soon, cause it’s been a long time coming.

Where are you intending to go from here?

Well, I couldn’t play mother roles/girlfriend roles because I’ve been told I look too young. So I went out to work for a while and came back and finally things are picking up – Got some girlfriends roles and hopefully mother roles in time to come. I’m hoping to get even bigger jobs though in other areas such as acting and singing.

Theres a time and place for everything.

I would give you a girlfriend role.



Nothing! Have you thought about hosting?

I’ve hosted mostly events, not so much for Youtube ,I’ve hosted for the opening of a Japanese restaurant and DMG Mori.

Thanks for spending the evening with us!

Thank you.


Given her amazingly radiant personality and charming candour, Rachel makes for excellent company. You can find her on Instagram here.


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