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IKEDA SPA: We Got The Geisha Treatment In Singapore

IKEDA SPA: We Got The Geisha Treatment In Singapore



The Foxesden team visited Ikeda Spa for sponsored facial treatments, and Esther (picture above, right) did the Geisha Organic Facial while Hui Ling (picture above, left) did the Acne Facial.


Geisha Organic Facial

A stroll down Orchard Road might be uncomfortable for some when a flock of pigeons with extremely active bowel activity hover over their innocent and unknowing victims (true story). When it comes to bird poop, I’m sure everyone will avoid it at all costs. I haven’t been spared by this bird tragedy but facial treatment at Ikeda Spa altered my perception of bird poop in just 90 minutes.


More About The Products Used

This facial is by no means ordinary. The Geisha Organic Facial encompasses traditional organic Japanese ingredients – rice bran, camellia oil, Azuki red beans and peach moon water – that sound like the luxurious treatment fitting for a geisha. The secret ingredient that sets this facial apart from regular Japanese treatments is uguisu no fun, powdered nightingale droppings, that are known to condition and smoothen your skin.

As odd and unconventional as this ‘bird poop’ facial sounds, it actually has more benefits than we would expect. The powdered nightingale droppings consist of three key components – urea, guanine and OGG1. Yes, you didn’t read this wrong. Urea is known to reduce water loss from the skin’s epidermis and retain moisture while guanine gives your skin a shimmery, iridescent glow. On top of these, OGG1 helps to treat damage caused by UV exposure and we sure need it in sunny Singapore!


The Process

The facial started with double cleansing using Ikeda Spa’s green tea cleansing foam. They gently massaged my face to remove all that grime and goop, following with exfoliation using 100% pure Azuki red beans! I’ve heard of brown sugar, sea salt and coffee scrubs before but Ikeda definitely knows their exfoliation game as red beans proved to be extremely gentle, removing my dead skin cells without any signs of irritation.

Next, we went ahead with the one thing we all fear when we go for a facial – extraction. Although painful, it is a necessary step to unclog pores and get rid of the sebum buildup beneath our skin. No pain, no gain? Ikeda Spa cannot guarantee a painless extraction but they handled this extraction professionally without causing too much redness.

The powdered nightingale dropping was mixed with water to create a smooth paste, which was then evenly spread on my skin. There was a thick layer of apprehension in the room as the secret ingredient transferred off the brush to my skin. To my surprise, it smelled like roasted rice grains and there was zero trace of bird poop! Once the mask was removed, there was a subtle glow and my face felt rejuvenated and refreshed.



Though I’m still terrified of getting pooped on, at least now I know that it isn’t all that bad. Just kidding.



Acne Facial

Another treatment you might be keen on that we tried is the Acne Facial. This facial treatment comprises of the Beauness Purifying Facial, with two add-ons including Acne Aqua Peel and Oxyjet Acne Buster. The Peel is used first to exfoliate and decongest the skin, followed by the Facial for cleansing to treat rough complexion. It ends with the Oxyjet to calm the skin of redness post-extraction.

Before I explain the treatment process, I would just like to say that my skin is not acne prone. Yet this facial has helped clarified my dry-combination skin. A noticeable result post-facial is the smoothness of previously uneven surface. I have many whiteheads, dead skin and clogged pores. So while my skin is relatively clear with no obvious pimple/acne, it still received the care it needs to achieve a more refined-looking complexion.


The Process

The whole process took 90 minutes, and starts with a quick massage and cleansing of the face. Ikeda Spa uses their own in-house products flown in from Japan so you can be assured of the quality of products used.

Step 2 is the Acne Aqua Peel which cleans your skin by suction with water. The process felt like mild scraping of the entire face and was quite painless to me. After the process was done, my beautician showed me the container where dirt and water deposit and I was quite relieved all that gunk was ridded off. The next part was extraction with steaming, and although it hurts (it always does unfortunately), I found later that there was minimal redness even though I have sensitive skin.

Here comes the highlight! The Oxyjet Acne Buster!! Imagine getting a car wash but with cold air and saline water. The cool air jet was extremely soothing and rejuvenating for the skin especially after the extraction. The oxygen-rich water jet is said to “deep cleanse” and “re-texturise” skin, and the facial is scientifically proven to help reduce skin imperfections.

The beautician ended the facial with a rubber mask, followed by application of basic skincare and a quick shoulder massage. My favourite part has got to be the massages, which goes from scalp to just above the chest. It was done with Ikeda Spa’s own massage cream and extremely relaxing albeit brief.



Many clients reported visible results after, and skin feels super smooth and moisturized (the bouncy kind). Say goodbye to blemishes for the week! The overall experience was great. The staff was friendly and regularly checked if I felt okay. She even put cotton buds in my ears out of consideration for the noise that the Oxyjet machine was making (the noise was not too loud, just a mild drumming).


Here’s a picture of satisfied customers of Ikeda Spa’s Geisha Organic Facial and Acne Facial treatments.


Where: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Clarke Quay Central #05-22 (Level 5 Carpark) Singapore 059817
Operating Hours: 1.00pm – 10.00pm daily
Contact Information: 6388 8080


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