Home Culture I am not his Manic Pixie Dream Girl and you shouldn’t be too
I am not his Manic Pixie Dream Girl and you shouldn’t be too

I am not his Manic Pixie Dream Girl and you shouldn’t be too


I am not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl because I don’t have the time or the power to fulfil everything on the list of requirements of well, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl — I can’t be bubbly and also be a total mystery. I won’t know every single obscure band on the planet because I don’t care. I can’t wear dresses from the 1950’s because where am I even going to get those? I won’t be found sipping adorably on a juice box through a pair of perfect pink lips when he comes home at night. I won’t smell like sweet honey all the time because I prefer a flowery scent.

Manic Pixie Dream girls are not real. They are one-dimensional. They don’t have any of their own wants, and they exist solely to advance the development of the brooding male character – All of these while being adorably quirky.

The MPDG is quirky. She’s beautiful, reckless, witty, spontaneous. She likes dancing in the rain and lying in the middle of the street to look at the stars. She’s unpredictable, which makes her so appealing.

But I am nothing like that.

I want to support you, but I don’t want to be the supporting actor in your movie. I want to encourage you, and make you laugh, and make you feel loved, but I will do it while having my own story, filled with dreams and goals and flaws and rejections and triumphs and challenges and choices that make up who I am.

I think your story is important, but I think my story is important too, and I hope we can be two, whole stories that are intertwined together.

I will help you advance your story, but not as a bubbly, starry-eyed, and beautiful ray of light. I will help you advance your story as your partner, your best friend, the warm comfort you turn to at the end of a long day, and someone who makes you feel like you are not alone. I will never be your Manic Pixie Dream Girl but I’ll be the one who will relate to everything you want and need. I will help you embrace life, not by seeing the dazzling colours and rich complexities that you can’t, but in the way that we live our very ordinary-but very amazing-everyday kind of love story.

Hui Xin Huixin is a true ENFJ. Her passions include fashion, dancing and everything design. Her latest obsession? Acai!


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