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How To Style Clothes You Already Own

How To Style Clothes You Already Own


We’ve all had days like Cher from Clueless. We open our wardrobe and it feels like there is absolutely nothing to wear.

While most trends usually move top down from designers and runways, the reason why some become icons and inspirations is because of how they put the whole look together. At the end of the day, it’s about how you style it — and friends, good news for you, because styling is 100 percent free.

With that in mind, we’ve zeroed in on just five quick ways to re-wear your clothes. Even if you feel like you’re in a wardrobe rut, approaching your old clothes with a fresh outlook can make you feel satisfied with current wardrobe. Plus, these aren’t seasonal trends that will end, these are timeless tricks that work again and again.

1. Cuffing
Long sleeves were meant to be rolled, right? While a button-down can feel stiff, rolling up the sleeves gives it an easy nonchalance. It’s the easiest way to inject a little cool factor into even your most classic shirts.

2. Distress
Distressed denim has never really gone out of style and ripped jeans are the easiest way to achieve the look. Injecting an element of street wear edge into your casual day wear has never been easier and the ripped jean is probably more versatile than you think.

If you don’t already own one, take a pair of old jeans, give them a few rips and you got yourself a fresh pair of jeans.

3. Draping
Nothing says “fashion” like a draped jacket over the shoulders. Crazy, but true — it costs nothing and makes your outfit look infinitely more expensive and chic.

4. Half-tuck
Rather than tucking in the whole shirt, this look conveys a more casual, current vibe that turns even a jeans and t-shirt outfit into more of a statement. Tuck half the shirt or the whole front and let the tail hang over the waistline.

5. Rolling
The hemlines of our jeans might just cover up the best part of our outfits — the shoes, of course! — if we didn’t roll them up. Instead of rolling up under the hem for a discreet, “looks like I didn’t cuff them at all” look, do as the editors and insiders do and embrace the roll. The result is cool and a little undone — and perfect for showing off your heels.

We hope that these tips will help you make better outfit decisions as well as ease the urge to buy new clothes.

Hui Xin Huixin is a true ENFJ. Her passions include fashion, dancing and everything design. Her latest obsession? Acai!


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