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Halcyon beats ft. DJ Maegz

Halcyon beats ft. DJ Maegz

foxesden wants to uncover what it is that essentially drives a woman’s style. Our weekly feature of the Singaporean woman is our attempt at cumulating a collective story behind every trend and fad, a story that is timeless and identifiable. 

There was a different charm that night we gathered at the rooftop of the Pinnacle.

An intricate constellation of city lights beneath us made up for the lack thereof above. The Tanjong Pagar region shimmered with urban luminescence.
And amidst it all, a collective glow of the discrete lights burned in her eyes. Against a twilit horizon, she clutched tightly onto her trusty DJ Controller.

This is Megan, a.k.a. DJ Maegz.

Who is Maegz?

Everyone around me calls me “Megs”. I wanted to use a name that is characteristic of me, and so I added an “A” between “M” and “E” because it was cool. It has the same pronunciation as what people would normally call me!

When did you start being a DJ?

I started during my first year at Singapore Management University (SMU). That was in late 2014. There was an official DJ club that organises classes to help us pick up DJ skills, which was also the reason why I chose to enrol into SMU.

Why DJ?

Besides playing the piano, guitar and drums, I wanted to get my hands on mixing indie and chill music. DJ is a very different art form, and it allows me to do that.

What does it take to be a DJ?

The job of a DJ, in layman terms, is to transit between songs to maintain the energy of the crowd on the dance floor. The key is to engage and draw the crowd – You create the environment and flow with the energy of your audience.

What was your first official gig?

The first gig that I ever played in was at a simple roadshow during SMU’s Founder’s Day. I played about 20 tracks that day. My first official gig was a year ago. It was our club’s signature Halloween event called Raveyard.

Share with us how the process of DJ-ing is like!

For me, I practice a lot in my free time and so I have a few combos at the back of my head. DJ-ing requires many hours of preparation and knowing your songs inside out. You need to know the timing and crowd that you’re playing to. The gig itself, is where the fun happens. I love watching the crowd have fun and dance to my music.

Describe your music style.

I would like to identify myself as an open-format DJ – being able to play a variety of genres. My favourite is Melbourne Bounce. As the name suggests, it is very bouncy and it gets people moving. It definitely makes you feel like dancing.

What are the milestones in your DJ journey so far?

My biggest milestone would definitely be my first club gig. Also, just recently, I picked up “scratching”, which has been a dream of mine since 1 year ago.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you want to play?

Anywhere that has a beach for me to play at.

How do you balance your studies in university and DJ-ing at the same time?

It’s really about time management and sticking to your plans. If I know that I have a deadline coming up, I make sure that I complete my assignments before I start practicing.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

At this point in time, intuitive replication – being able to copy others’ power and intuitively knowing how to use them. How awesome will it be to be able to learn from the best DJs in the world?

Thanks for spending the evening with us!

Thank you!

You can find her on Facebook for updates on her gigs and catch her live-in-action. Also, listen to her mixes here.

Finally, check out her take on Chainsmokers’ “All We Know”:

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Hui Xin Huixin is a true ENFJ. Her passions include fashion, dancing and everything design. Her latest obsession? Acai!


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