Home Beauty Firm up your skin with Geranium’s Gua Sha facial treatment
Firm up your skin with Geranium’s Gua Sha facial treatment

Firm up your skin with Geranium’s Gua Sha facial treatment


Heard of Guasha facial treatment? Always wondered what it was all about? Well, I did. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, read on and find out how incredible Guasha facial treatment really is. Foxesden found Geranium. Grace, was more than glad to help me figure out what was Guasha all about!

We were given a consultation prior to the treatment. This is to observe the client’s skin type (for example, sensitivity levels/allergic reactions) to decide a suitable treatment according to the client’s needs. According to my face’s condition, I had dry dehydrated skin thereby an ‘oxygen treatment’ was suggested. A set of 6 small tubes imported from France uses the concept of chlorophyll to oxygenate, hydrate and repair cells. Simultaneously, it brightens your complexion. This treatment requires 2 hours (including cleansing, exfoliation and extraction) with the guasha. So, let’s get started!

My assigned beautician was Jaslyn and I’d rate her skills 10/10. During the treatment, warm cloth and water soothed and made me relax. Simple and small things like these brings up the notch of the service. Always ensuring my comfort and asking if I’m okay, made me feel cared for and pampered.

The exfoliation technique used in Geranium was something really new to me. A paste-like substance was being applied to my face and it started flaking off after. It is called a ‘Gommage technique’. The flakes are actually the product stuck to my dead skin cells. This technique does not cause skin tightening. It removes enough skin cells to be effective and not too much to dehydrate the skin. It leaves the skin bright and velvety-soft too.

Next, extraction. As much as everyone dread extraction because of the pain (just like I did), I’m surprised at how tolerable the pain was when Jaslyn extracted for me. I was still sweating at my back because mind you, my pain-tolerance with a needle is pretty low, however I must applaud that this is the most comfortable extraction I’ve ever experienced. I learned later that the staff are trained to do proper extraction for a fairly painless experience. And Geranium is proud to say that extraction is one of their niche aspects when it comes to facial treatments. A cold compressed mask soaked with in-house blend of essential oils is applied immediately to the extracted part of the face to cool down and heal the pores.

And then here comes the guasha treatment that I’ve been waiting for! I thought that guasha was a treatment on it own. But it’s not. Guasha is incorporated into my oxygen treatment! For all of you who is just like me (who misinterpreted), Guasha is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique where it involves muscle stimulation, lymph stimulation. Hence, a Guasha board (made from buffalo horns) is used for this technique. It also helps to stimulate lymph drainage and get rid of toxins. Jaslyn applied the oxygen treatment serum on my face together with the Guasha board and started ‘massaging’ my face with the board. The motion was micro-stimulation, moving inch by inch from the chin to the jawline and slowly made its way up to the forehead.

It was a strange sensation. Never have I imagined this was how a Guasha treatment was. 3 minutes into the Guasha, my face started to feel warm. This means that my muscles are stimulated and it’s reacting to lift my cheeks. In other words, you can say that my face was exercising to firm up and define my features.  Truthfully, I won’t lie to say that it’s not painful. Having a buffalo’s horn board pressing into your face HURTS. Just like I said earlier, my tolerance level of pain in my face is weak. It did hurt. But hey, beauty comes with a price. I kept thinking of firmer and higher looking cheekbones!

Jaslyn did half of my face first to show me the effect of guasha and oh my oh my oh my, I’m a believer!!! My cheekbones were higher and my eyebrows, were of a higher arch than the non-Guasha(ed) area. My face was LIFTED. From that board pushed and stimulated on my face. It really worked and then I understood why people will go for Guasha to get their face lifted. It makes you look younger and it’s really impressive!

I guess after understanding and knowing the effects the ‘pain’ resulted, my tolerance level for the other half of my face became much more tolerable (I know, it’s really the state of the mind). I mean afterall, I have firmer and toned skin, a more defined facial structure and brighter complexion. I’m not going to complain!

Lastly, the treatment ended with a balancing massage, an application of the final serum of the treatment and sunscreen. I thoroughly felt relaxed and comfortable. I learned so many new things especially discovering more about Guasha and I’m glad I gave it a go. Many people have a misunderstanding that Guasha will bruise your face but I felt like I was in safe hands. Geranium stimulated the right points of the face that will not cause a wound or a bruise.

Give it a go and you’ll turn into a firm believer in Guasha treatments. For all our Foxesden readers, mention Foxesden and get 40% off the oxygen treatment and Guasha facial! Don’t be afraid to feel and look extra beautiful!

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