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Girlpreneursg x Foxesden

Girlpreneursg x Foxesden


Girlpreneursg had their second edition pop-up event last Saturday, 20th May 2017 @ The Hive Singapore! The event embodied girl power with vendors of all female-owned businesses. Women entrepreneurs gathered for a day and slayed the girls-out-shopping experience. If you’ve missed the event last weekend, fret not. We are having 4 giveaways from now till 16 June just for our readers! Stand a chance to win a goodie bag worth over $50! (Yard&Yarn necklace, a pair of lashes, body scrub, Colourpop lippie stix and more) All you have to do is check out our instagram and facebook post on Girlpreneursg x Foxesden, and mention 2 friends in the comment section on either social media account. Giveaway will start on a Friday of the week and winner will be chosen on the following Tuesday.

Foxesden is fortunate to be a part of this amazing event and we got to experience first-hand of what the event was all about. We also managed to have a chat with some of the brands that were present to learn more about them.

Yard Yarn
This business is a one woman show. The founder, designer, crafter, producer, marketer roles are fulfilled by one superwoman, Gin Tan. Her tedious designs only require a maximum of 3 hours to conceptualise and another hour to produce to each piece. The chains have a unique double clasp to allow the wearer to elongate the necklace or change the chain to either acrylic or stainless steel chain.

Yard Yarn is individual, industrial and creative!” – Gin Tan

The Cosmetique World
Sabrina Marican, co-founder of The Cosmetique World, is no stranger to the local beauty industry. Landing herself an interview with Suria TV series, Aset, was a great platform to boost exposure for her online store. TCW imports featured makeup products including Colourpop and Morphe. Truly, your one stop shopping experience for cosmetic products! Marican is opportunistic and strives her best to achieve success for her business.

TCW is trendy, cruelty-free and colourful!” – Sabrina Marican

Founded by Wirda Elliesa and TCW co-founder Sabrina Marican, Luxegerie freshly started in February 2017. Despite having just embarked on this new journey, their personalised satin robes, available in 11 stunning colours, are high in demand. Luxegerie differentiates themselves by exuding exclusivity and elegance in their brand.

Luxegerie is provocative, seductive and erotic!” -Wirda Elliesa

Just like its name, Jaime (founder) aims to intrigue her customers with modern and contemporary jewellery using natural gemstones. Every piece is unique as each one is handmade and created with love. If you are a fan of structured pieces with interesting geometric cuts and hints of gemstones,  to inTRIGUE is the best place to shop at.

S.lesta Collection
This booth was eye-catching due to its clear influence of fusion with the Japanese culture. From kimono designs, customised denim jeans and bags, Shida (owner) personally sources fabric from Japan with the help of her husband who works in a Japanese company. Ready-made jeans are priced at about $70 and customised jeans are $200 and below. S.Lesta Collection is labelled as streetwear, unique and exclusive.

If you’re looking for quality pieces made with intricate details, APPARELLA is the place to shop at. Based in Singapore and founded by Natalie Kalkowski in 2016, the brand boasts luxury pieces at affordable prices. After checking out their impressive collection, we’re able to assure our readers that their designs will have you grabbing your wallets and heading to the checkout tab!

Rangoon Club Culture
Lynn, owner of RCC, specialises in local activewear. Conceptualised and conceived 2-3 years ago, Lynn identifies her activewear as a contemporary style that is versatile enough for any occasion.

A Rangoon girl is fiercely independent, defining in persona and knows what she wants!

Also founded by Lynn (owner of RCC), Ahimsa is a yoga lifestyle brand and an anthropology of free people for yogis. Ahimsa retails customised mala beads, mandela tapestry, and recently started a line of essential oils starring Lynn’s own original concoction.

Ahimsa is a sanctuary for yogis with its natural elements and therapeutic for mind, body and soul.

Ain and Aisyah are housewives who are always on the move . ‘kakikoo’ was developed in October 2016 from their holding company, Be Kind. The leather handmade footwear is available in 2 different models with 15 different colours to choose from. The shoes are made in Vietnam by a family of shoemakers and for every shoe bought, kakikoo donates part of their proceeds to an orphanage in Sri Lanka.

Maria Karto Collections
Launched online in March 2017, Maria Karto Collection specialises in comfortable outer wear that features traditional batik prints yet contemporary and modern pieces. Prices are reasonably ranged from $35 to $69 for both male and female outer wears. Owners Nasuha and Fitri described their collection to be comfortable, elegant and classy!

Qul’shaa means ‘everything’ in Arabic. Founded by 3 ladies, Ernie, Eva and Raini in January 2017. Qul’shaa is a one stop shop for everything you’ll need. From clothes to accessories, shoes to food, practically everything! Chatting with Ernie, she said that she will focus more on shoe products in the future to beat the competitive market of clothing line.

“Qul’shaa is sharing, passion and teamwork!” -Ernie

The Lashez
A home-grown brand, founded by Shekin in November 2016, strongly agrees that the right pair of lashes are important to bring out your eyes and to captivate. Here at The Lashez, each piece is handmade and crafted to be lightweight and beautiful in design. The band is thin, easily bendable for adjusting to your lash line. Extremely affordable and great quality, these lashes are really a steal!
Launched November 2016, Auraa.sg specialises in soft watercolour floral design scarves and shawls which exude sweetness and innocence. Largely catering to the hijabsters, non-hijabis may also use it as an over layer to show off the prints!Tallmediumshort
Looking for quirky and unique items? Bored of having common and boring bags or pouches? This shop gives off a light-hearted vibe while we browsed through their items. Some are adorable and will definitely bring a smile to your face. And I’m pretty sure others who see it will smile too.

A third edition of Girlpreneursg is coming soon in October 2017, so don’t miss it! Let us join in this mission to support local businesses and better yet, supporting women in businesses. Girl power signing out!

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