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The Real Gift Guide For Fathers’ Day (Singapore Edition)

The Real Gift Guide For Fathers’ Day (Singapore Edition)



How many of us are tired of Googling for “gift ideas for dads”?

We scroll through umpteen pages of similar lists to find the same few DIY ideas that leave us in despair. These lists just don’t seem at all suitable for our dads. Who wants to fix up a ‘WWII Field Phone Bluetooth Receiver’ or ‘restore an heirloom axe’ or give a silly old mug? My dad would just be as confused as I am.

And so this list was born. You might find something that will satisfy your dad’s (seemingly non-existent) desire in this very fun list. If all else fails, the last idea will work for sure.


Fail-proof Idea For Every Dad

Shavers. Men need shavers. Unless your dad is in an experimental phase of growing a beard and your mom hasn’t objected to it yet. But the weather is awfully warm, staying clean-shaven seems the most convenient way to go. BIC is really cheap and good.


A Nose-y Gift For Dad

Let’s face it, men smell. Their natural scent attracts women at a subtle, primal level but at work or outside, smelling clean and good is a plus and a social courtesy. If your dad is cool with affordable cologne, how about Adidas for Men or Nautica for Men? If your dad likes expensive scents, we recommend favourites like Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani, or BOSS Bottled by Hugo Boss. Approved by men in our office, we guarantee your dad will like one of these.


For The Dad With A Gorgeous Mane

If your dad is not blessed in this department please skip this paragraph and move on. *Men can get sensitive about this sometimes* If your dad is blessed with a healthy head of black hair even at fifty, consider hair styling products! My dad is a fan of Good Look styling gel for being cheap and reliable. Whereas Gatsby is the go-to option for affordable hair wax in our market.
Alternatively, you can get pomade for your dad if he has more dry, dull hair. Lucky for you, Foxesden will be hosting a giveaway for Fathers’ Day courtesy of SGPomades. Stay tuned to our FB page tomorrow to get your hands on this freebie!!


For The Electronics-Lover

I don’t mean splurge on the most expensive thing at PC show or IT fair. Dads are men, and most of the time they only need what is good and durable. Plus Singaporean dads love a good deal. A value purchase for a new USB cable can thrill them. Good earphones are appreciated too, like Xiaomi ones which work well at a pocket-friendly price.


For The Soccer Fanatic

If you have a dad who loves sports, how about sponsoring a $60 per month subscription to football channel on TV? Or a ticket to his favourite club in England. Or just watch Premier League matches with your dad over a beer or two, even if it’s painful. He will appreciate it.


For The Gamer Dad

Oh no not Overwatch or Tekken. If your dad is a crazy Mahjong man like mine, take a night off and play Mahjong with the family. He gets so excited whenever we do that.


For The Parents Who Always Pak Tor

I had a friend or two who told me their parents have more of a ‘life’ than they do. They have regular weekend getaways or date nights with friends. How about organising a date for them? Can’t afford plane tickets? Fret not. Surprise dad with a sponsored meal at your favourite family food spot (massive hawker treat included), or getting movie tickets to see Gal Gadot or Minions. Whichever rocks his boat.


“CONGRATULATIONS” And (Pleasant) Surprise News

If you have a coincidental surprise package you would like to drop on dad, say marriage proposal (only a partner they adore of course) or “Congrats! You are a grandpa now!”, this weekend might be an awfully convenient time. You might not realise the immense value of such happy news. Just take a look at this adorable thing:


 If You Are (Not) Artistic

Every parent is a sucker for a handmade card. My mom loved hers for Mothers’ Day because words have immense power. And gratefulness is a touching thing. All you need is a coloured paper, some pen or markers if you are fancy, and write a para or doodle away. My parents cherish the letters I send them. Make one for your dad this Fathers’ Day and give heartfelt thanks to him for the past year. They will act all cool about it but secretly hide it in their wallets or private papers.

Remember. You don’t need to be Van Gogh or Michelangelo.


For The Dad Who Doesn’t Seem To Want Anything

Really, he’s lying. Any person would want this. Singaporeans especially.

Just the other day I asked my dad, “Daddy, what would you like for Fathers’ Day?”

“Huh. Shaver… *quick pause*  Eh Ang Bao also can. Money always good.”

Give him this month’s paycheck, or a red packet. Or just good cold hard cash. They love it.


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