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How to get Emily Ratajkowski’s faux bob

How to get Emily Ratajkowski’s faux bob


Since Emily Ratajkowski rose to fame (remember Robin Thicke’s controversial music video?) and caught the public’s eye as a confident, enigmatic model-actress, it’s hard to imagine her without her wavy chestnut brown hair. So when she appeared at the Golden Globe Awards in a bold shoulder-grazing bob, the switch-up was so refreshing we wish it had been real.

popsugar-emily3Source: Popsugar

Her hairstylist Christian Wood spills the secret to achieving that bob, with just 20% of actual serious commitment.

Step 1: Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear. Secure upper portion of hair with a clip.

Source: Artizenusa

Step 2: Braid lower section and pin it to the nape of your neck.

Source: Indohairblog

Step 3: Release upper section and cut the top and sides to desired bob length.

fasttwSource: fasttw

Okay, so this step requires an added touch of bravery and a leap of faith. But fret not, this trim won’t be a one-off sacrifice reminiscent of that auntie who gave you serious trust issues with her heavy-handed back-to-primary-school haircuts *cue violent sobbing*. It sets the scene for a “shaggy, layered haircut”, which is in fact Wood’s vision for Emily’s hair post-Golden Globes. It also involves “cutting some side swept bangs in to help blend it into her real hair”.

But if you aren’t ready for such a drastic change (yet), just pin the top section of your hair under the braid. It may be more noticeably temporary, but keeps your options open if you can’t bear to part with your tresses.

Step 5: Use a straightening iron to add waves and texture.

littlemissmommaSource: Littlemissmomma

Wood also suggests “clamping a one-inch section with a flat iron and raking your fingers through the lengths for slept-in texture” (Elle). It’s also recommended to use texture spray and hairspray, topping it all off with teasing at the crown.

We adore this look for its versatility and the way it highlights all of Emily’s best features. So perhaps try cutting yourself some slack and opt for a fresh bob this new year.


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