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Frank Ocean drops ‘Nikes’ in his new MV

Frank Ocean drops ‘Nikes’ in his new MV


I’ve been thinking about forever on when the next Frank Ocean album drops and over the weekend, what felt like an Endless wait, finally ended. #punlife


The enigmatic singer, songwriter and rapper released a whole slew of new material over the weekend and the fans, including myself are losing it.

19th August saw the official release of Endless, a video album exclusive to Apple music. The album consists of 18 tracks with a run time of 44 minutes. The video consists of mainly black & white footage of good ole Frank working up some woodcraft.

You can watch it here.

Within 24 hours, the anticipated album Blonde was released in two versions, with intentionally inconsistent titles.

Blonde was unveiled with the Boys Don’t Cry magazine, and Blond (without an ‘e’) over Apple music. The inconsistency is supposed to represent different versions of the same album. While the magazine Boys Don’t Cry isn’t available in Singapore, hardcore fans can pick up a copy of Boys Don’t Cry containing the Blonde version of the album going for up to a cool $1000 on eBay.

To check out the album Blond. You can watch it here, though you’ll need an Apple Music account.

Probably the most exciting of all, Frank Ocean’s song Nikes dropped a pretty dope music video. Totally cryptic and equally as sexually charged, I would be lying if I said I understood what I’ve been watching. One thing it is not though, is boring.


The contemplative and moody visuals are in-line with a growing trend popular with the likes of Kayne West, with grainy retro-styled footage, choppy cuts and attention grabbing imagery.


The distinctive style pays homage to the faulty VHS throwing us back to a time when it was kind to rewind, and frankly we don’t mind at all.

The gritty imagery weaves the tale of the inner workings that is Frank Ocean, in a way only Frank Ocean can pull off.  We’re talking about rapping chihuahuas, sparkling queefs, sparkly-jiggly butts, way too many dollar bills and possibly lolita fetishes.



Needless to say, it is most definitely NSFW.

Also, did we mention rapping chihuahuas?



Do check it out here and let us know what you’ve been thinking about.

Marcel Choo Marcel is an aspiring little merman who speaks GIF fluently.


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