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Essential Items For Every Music Festival Goer

Essential Items For Every Music Festival Goer


Home grown talents such as 2nd runner up in Channel U’s Project SuperStar 2005 Derrick Toh, award-wining singer songwriter Ling Kai, popular acoustic duo Jack & Rai, indie rock band Farrago and pop/rock band The Summer State (who have opened for international acts such as Simple Plan, Yellowcard and Mayday parade) will soon be taking the stage of the 8th edition of Asia’s leading music festival, Sundown Festival; and we’re more than ready!

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Before we set off into the crowd of excited festival goers, preparation is key. You wouldn’t want to be pulled out of the zone by your dire need for a sip of water. Only to realise 1. You have no water 2. You have no cash to get yourself some water. By this time the onslaught of consequences brought on by bad music-fest-prep reaches a climax as your phone battery dies. So you stand there, distracted by your borderline dehydration, with no way to document your night, wishing you came prepared.

Don’t worry, that’s not going to be you at tomorrow’s Sundown Festival, because we got you. Here’s an easy to follow list of Music Festival Essentials.

Money, Moolah, Dollah Dollah Bills

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There won’t be any ATM Machines nearby, and even if there was – do you really want to miss out on the festival activities (and all the good food and drinks) just because you forgot to bring your dollar dollar bills? So make sure to bring enough cash to fill your belly and test out your liver!

Powerbank & Cable

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You absolutely do not want to be that one person killing everyone’s vibe with your phone-just-died panic, nor do you want to lose your most handy mode of communication in case of an emergency.

Poncho or Umbrella

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It has been reported that we’re in for a rainy August. Don’t be fooled by this past week’s weather that has been nothing short of sweltering. Always come prepared! Bring along a poncho or an umbrella just incase it starts to rain.

Proper Footwear

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Your flip flops are never going to make it out alive, and neither will your feet! Its highly advisable to come in sneakers or boots to avoid getting your toes trampled on by fellow festival goers; and to state the obvious, heels are out of the question.

Wet Wipes & Hand Sanitiser

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With a crowd, comes sweat. With sweat comes germs. So unless you don’t mind the grime and bacteria of a large group of human-beings seeping into your pores as you finish off your pint, anti-bacterial wet wipes and hand sanitiser will be your ultimate festival buddy.

Picnic Mat

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If standing for hours on end isn’t your thing and dirtying your bottoms aren’t an option, a picnic mat is a must-have for you to park your peach.


And there you have it, the guide to your basic needs for Sundown Festival 2017! We can’t wait to vibe to the tunes of our very own local musicians! See you there tomorrow!






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