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Don’t fall for someone who makes you question your worth

Don’t fall for someone who makes you question your worth


There is definitely a difference between liking someone and valuing them. We often get more concerned with the fact that someone likes us that we forget how important it is to be valued. Being liked is good, it makes you all fuzzy and warm on the inside. Its a good feeling, it makes you feel ecstatic and over the moon.

But being valued is so much better.

I like my phone, it occupies me when I’m bored. I can use it as a distraction and it normally does what I say, but I wouldn’t say I necessarily value it. I drop it or spoil it and then I replace it. It’s just a phone, it’s great when it’s working the way I want it to, but when it starts having issues, my first instinct is to replace it.

There is a difference between liking and valuing, and that difference is major.

Don’t be with someone because they say things you want to hear or make you feel special if their actions don’t match up. Don’t give up everything and wait for a guy just because he tells you he like you and then follows that line with an excuse about how he isn’t ready yet. Don’t waste time trying to capture his attention because honestly, you don’t want to be hung up on a guy who keeps you hanging around because he might like you. You don’t deserve someone who likes you; you deserve someone who values you.

You deserve someone who knows just how important you are and how much you’re worth. You should be the highlight of someone’s life; someone’s better half and an inspiration that makes them want to be better. Because a person’s values are more important than superficial things like a match of personalities, looks or whatever.

It means that he should respect you and consider how you feel. It means he doesn’t belittle you, or make your accomplishments seem small. He truly cares about you because he cares about your values and beliefs.

Which all comes back around to you. Yes you — Because how strong you are in your values will show what kind of a guy you will fall for. The company you keep says a lot about how you value yourself. By hanging around someone who doesn’t value you, it shows that you don’t value yourself as much as you should.

When you’re with someone who doesn’t value you, it changes your values, not theirs.

If you live your life with the values of trust, respect and love, you shouldn’t settle for someone who yes, doesn’t trust, respect and love you. You can’t keep wondering why he isn’t as invested in you as you are him when you’ve let your values down in order to let him in.

You should be with someone who —

Knows your value. Treats you respectfully. Inspires you to become a better person, lift you up, and teaches you to embrace life.

A man can like you, but that doesn’t mean he will show you the respect you need and deserve. Sometimes you just need to start from where you are with a little self-love and care, you need to invest in yourself with a little practice, then you will start to see your value build back up again over time. Then you will see how important you are.

Hui Xin Huixin is a true ENFJ. Her passions include fashion, dancing and everything design. Her latest obsession? Acai!


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