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Create your own Artbox experience!

Create your own Artbox experience!



Gave Artbox a miss after reading “unbearable heat”, “sweat” and “aching feet” in almost every review? But is that little fomo devil still sitting on your shoulder? Well, here are 8 places you can get your artsy fix without the heat, sweat and aching feet.


1. Chirashibomb

Local illustrator, Si Hui, more famously known as Chirashibomb, loves drawing anything sushi related, heavily inspired by Tokyo City, Studio Ghibli films as well as societal issues. From stickers to tote bags and customised portraits, they all feature her signature sushi motifs.

Find her at:




2. Alfiedemeow

If you love all things cats, Alfiedemeow is for you. 10% of their sales goes to cat welfare group(s) in Singapore.

Find them at:




3. ONLEWO 安乐窝

ONLEWO 安乐窝 works with Singapore designers to create a bespoke range of wallpapers, upholstery fabrics, cushion covers, furniture, lampshades, wall-hanging art, cement tiles, mugs, placemats and coasters to promote mindful designs and enhance the living space. Their designs are rooted in Asian influences, with a focus on heritage, places and culture such as Shibori, Ikat, Peranakan, and iconic places in Singapore such as Chinatown, Little India and Tiong Bahru.

Find them at:

129 Jalan Besar

Singapore 208847

Tues to Sat – 10am to 6pm




4. wheniwasfour

wheniwasfour is a Singapore-based design studio and label creating Local-Flavoured Lifestyle Products. Appreciating everyday life’s quintessences and imperfections, they want to emphasise simplicity in their creations.

Find them at:

261 Waterloo Street #02-18

Singapore 180261

Tue to Fri  – 12pm to 7.30pm (weekday lunch break between 2-3pm)
Sat – 12.30pm to 6.30pm
Sun – 12.30pm to 5.30pm




5. Kelly Limerick

Local artist, Kelly Lim works under the pseudonym Kelly Limerick. With yarn as her most familiar medium, Kelly often designs without set patterns to produce unique, one-off designs as well as knit wool dreadlocks.

Find her at:




6. The Little Dröm Store

The little dröm store houses countless dream clouds, random knick knacks and also collections of all things inspiring and heartening. It aspires to bring people from all creative walks of life, to promote and share their work with the rest of the world.

Find them at:



Our drink container pin is also available in 🌹🍍Bandung/Pineapple flavor! 😀 #thelittledromstore

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7. COyOrO

Not just any other frozen yoghurt shop, COyOrO’s yoghurt comes in the form of fried yoghurt rolls instead of the usual swirls. They also sell Dragon’s Breath Candy which is basically cereal puff balls that emit “smoke”.

Find them at:

430 Upper Changi Road

East Village #01-13

Singapore 487048

Mon to Sun – 1.30pm to 10pm


4 New Bugis Street

Stall EFL-4I

Singapore 188868

Mon to Sun – 12noon to 10pm



8. The Wicked Cream Co.

The Wicked Cream Co. takes 2 days to handcraft each batch of gourmet marshmallows. With flavours such as Charcoal Lemonade, Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Red Velvet and having them as cubes make them treats you have to try at least once.

Find them at:

3 South Buona Vista Road

Viva Vista Mall #B1-04

Singapore 118136

Tues to Sun – 1 to 10pm

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