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How To Convince Yourself That It’s Okay It Didn’t Work Out

How To Convince Yourself That It’s Okay It Didn’t Work Out


Love—the ugliest and yet, the most beautiful thing in the universe. Let’s get real, we all know the different stages of love. First comes the attraction. Fun times and laughter, imagining a future together that is nothing short of perfect. Time passes, and the perfect future becomes slightly mired by uncertainties. In the end, it’s decided that a future together would look horrible. Little quirks are no longer deemed cute. A break up is requested, and your life takes a turn.

Of course, not all relationships come to an end because some are made to last. But for those that don’t, I know how hard it is for the wounds to heal when your heart is still breaking. We’ve all heard of the usuals—go out and have fun with your friends, pick up a new hobby to past time and many more. Sometimes those just don’t work no matter how hard we try. Perhaps we need something more unconventional, albeit quirky, to make yourself feel better.

Here’s 5 reasons to convince yourself why it’s good things didn’t work out well:

1) If you ever became a superhero, your nemesis would use you against him.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to keep up with the endless fights of Good vs. Evil if he gets taken away from you every other week. I think you’ll be better off letting your nemesis take him away instead.

2) What if it turns out that you’re immortal and he’s not?

What if you have to watch him slowly fade away, knowing that there’s nothing you can do to keep him with you? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to watch that happen. At least now you won’t have to.

3) You might actually be a clone of his real true love.

Right, and obviously his real true love will somehow inconveniently reappear in your lives right after you two decide to get married and live happily ever after or something, sigh. Nobody wants a wedding crasher, for sure.

4) He might actually be your opposite-gender formerly long-lost evil identical twin who apparently looks nothing like you at all.

And wouldn’t that be so, so awkward? Situation avoided, thankfully!

5) You’re actually an alien from an unknown planet infected with the weirdest disease.

And that weird disease prevents you from hugging the people you love without them spontaneously de-aging or mutating. How then, can you two ever possibly be together?

Obviously a hell lot of things can go wrong, and with that, aren’t you glad some things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped they would?

So, this is how you will kick these negative feelings aside and turn them into a shining beacon for others that says how it’s perfectly fine if a relationship doesn’t work out well. And of course, you should be proud of yourself for that.

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